Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Bubbes and Zaydes," Not Always Kosher

There's a skill to chosing names, labels, titles, headlines etc.  I praised Obama's handlers for their totally brilliant idea of campaigning that he's for "change and hope."  Everybody likes those things, and everybody defines them differently.  Most people don't read the fine print.  It's a perfect campaign slogan, except for problem-makers like myself.

So now NGO has revealed that B'Tselem's donor, "Bubbes and Zaydes," aren't the proud loyal Jews their name implies.

Due diligence would have revealed that BZP endorses the antisemitic BDS (boycotts, divestment, sanctions) movement and employs the demonizing rhetoric of the Durban strategy – in violation of B’Tselem’s stated principles and growing adoption of ethical guidelines, such as by the New Israel Fund.

NGO Monitor wrote to B’Tselem informing the NGO of BZP’s BDS advocacy and asking whether the donation would be refused. B’Tselem responded that it was “honored to receive [the] contribution[].” read all about it...

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