Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something New, Justice for Jews

In the crazy world we live in, awaiting the Moshiach, there's world-wide discrimination against Jews. 

  • Why does the United Nations Security Council condemn Israel for so many "crimes" while ignoring much, much more serious things done in other countries? 
  • Why are we the only religion forbidden to pray on our holiest site, הר הבית Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount?
  • Why is it acceptable to ban Jews from living in many Middle-eastern (Arab) countries?
  • Why does the world, including many Jews, demand that there be a unilateral, one-sided, ban/freeze on building homes, public and commercial buildings for Jews in Judea and Samaria, the historic Biblical Homeland of the Jewish People?
All this gives Arabs, Israeli citizens, inside the pre-1967 Six Days War Israel the chutzpah, gall, to demand Arab-only building projects in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.  Amazingly, the Israeli courts ruled against the Arabs and said that there's nothing wrong with Jews building in the multi-national neighborhood:

Shurat HaDin Wins Israeli Supreme Court Appeal for Jewish Families in Jaffa

November 15, 2010:
This week, the Israeli Supreme Court handed down its ruling upholding the right of Jewish families who had won a public tender to purchase land in the Tel-Aviv suburb of Jaffa to go forward with their plans to construct a multi-family building. The families' right to build had been challenged last year in the Tel-Aviv District Court by a coalition of Arab-Israelis and politically motivated NGOs.

The coalition demanded that the families' bid be disqualified by the District Court based solely upon the fact that they are Jewish and that their presence in Jaffa will tip the demographic balance of the neighborhood and discriminates against Arabs. The Supreme Court decision has now confirmed that the Jewish families had won the tender fair and square.

The families were represented both in the District Court proceedings and upon appeal in the Supreme Court by Shurat HaDin...


Hadassa said...

Good news, however Beinish in her decision included a few statements that could make it very difficult to organize another project of this kind. The left- wing courts will leave openings for all projects other than right-wing religious, or possibly all religious projects Although we've just seen how useful the hareidim - the latest Shas sell-out - are to the left-wing.

Batya said...

good point, but we still have to be glad of the victory; may there be more

Hadassa said...

And we should all study Beinish's words carefully. The best defense is a good offense, also in the courtroom.

Batya said...

and be well prepared