Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama's Agenda, No Peace on The Menu

United States President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to sell Israel a can of worms.  The faux "peace" negotiations have a very different aim, not peace.  The goal is an Arab state in the middle of the State of Israel.  He demands that it have territorial continuity and that territory be at the expense of the State of Israel, its security and continued existence.

If Obama cared about true peace and Israel's security, he'd respect Israel's right to build in Jerusalem.  But Obama only cares about creating a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state, and that's why he keeps harping on Israel for doing what any self-respecting independent country should do, build homes for its citizens.

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been speaking rather firmly about Israel's right to build in Jerusalem, all of Jerusalem, but that's not enough.  For the sake of the security and continued existence of the State of Israel, Bibi should go further and proclaim to the country and the world that these "talks" aren't negotiations for peace.  They endanger the country and therefore Israel must withdraw all participation.  Simple, yes, very simple. 

After the verbal comdemnations, the Arabs and the rest of the world will calm down.  If we put up strong walls of defense and stop trying to be nice, we will be left alone, which is just what we need.


Anonymous said...

par 1: of course the palestinian state must have territorial continuity. that is standard for a state. that it come out of israel is also natural, since that is where the rest of palestine will come from.

par 3: i think bibi is doing a great job. i suspect that deep down he agrees with you, but he is a diplomat.
you know, i really love hearing bibi talking about israel these days. you have a sense he is really proud of israels accomplishments, and he should be.

Hadassa said...

Are those blood worms?

Anonymous, no Arab called himself a Palestinian before Arafat and his PLO c. 1967. Before the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, Palestinians were Jews, as in the Jewish Palestine Post which is now the Jerusalem Post. It was an insult to the Arabs to be called a Palestinian.
Do you even know what Palestine means, from where the name comes, and who gave it to the Land of Israel?
Palestine comes from the ancient Greek/Roman name for "land of the Philistines". The Philistines are no more and the Greeks and Romans did not succeed in permanently changing the name of the Land of Israel. The area in which the Philistines lived, roughly the area of the Gaza Strip is occupied by people who are quite similar to them so it's no surprise that they stole the name.

Bibi is a superb spokesman and an excellent diplomat. Too bad he has no backbone. He certainly doesn't follow the advice of the Sages: Say little and do much. Talking pretty and later caving in to foreign pressure is not leadership.

Anonymous said...

the history is far less important than the collective memory.

bibi does have backbone -- he is still allowing construction in east jlem, and did not acquiesce to obama [and tom friedman!] to extend the building freeze another 2 months.

in fact, bibi has done quite a bit -- israels economic prosperity is due largely to him.

Batya said...

a, par 1, are you being sarcastic? Do you know any physics or geography?
par 3, bibi's a fool. He agreed to a p state

Hadassa, amen!

Anonymous said...

I agree to a P state also.. in JORDAN!!! They should get themselves out of ISRAEL..

Batya said...


Hadassa said...

Jordan is actually part of Biblical Israel as is much of Syria. The Arabs have to be sent to Iran, Iran etc, if they're willing to be peaceful.

Batya said...

The Iranians don't want them. But that's now our problem.