Monday, November 1, 2010

Sixth Sense! Don't Rely on Technology for Security

The Ehud Barak IDF loves gadgets and technology.  They're now going to use some "smart cameras" to discover suspicious movement.  That makes me nervous.  I can just imagine someone with a neurological problem being arrested for "unusual activity" as he stands or paces in an "illogical" way. 

Actually, I could find myself detained by soldiers relying on those computer-generated "guards."  So many times I arrive "too early" and then stand around suspiciously, constantly checking my watch, hoping time will move more quickly.  Another suspicious-looking thing I do is quasi-public praying.  There are lots of "Mincha factories*" in Jerusalem, but I'd be persona non grata.  Most human IDF guards would recognize that I'm dovening (praying,) but would this Sixth Sense technology understand?

*Synagogues where men can find a minyan to pray the afternoon prayer from its earliest to latest permitted time.  Those places don't have women's sections.  It's not accepted for women to just enter those shuls.  So women who have taken it on to pray Mincha, like myself, are always looking for a quiet, discreet spot.

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