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Friday, November 12, 2010

The United States and Obama- Is the Romance Over?

One can say that the American infatuation with Barack Hussein Obama is like one of those quick shipboard/vacation romances which results in the marriage of two total strangers.  Lots of movies are based on the premise that there are people who have actually woken up with a hangover and a surprise marriage certificate.

Obama's campaign to get the nomination as Democrat candidate came out of left field, a relative newcomer to national politics, he upset Hillary Clinton with the help of the well-oiled Kennedy machine.

Now the American public finds itself pregnant and miserable. 
"Who is this guy I married?"
Getting divorced is tougher and more complicated than getting married, so they are trying a "separtion."

To be continued....


JDL London Canada said...

I'd say the 'romance' is just beginning like a battered housewife in an abusive relationship ... they just can't get enough of the 'lovin' ...

Batya said...

They voted for him so they deserve him.