Sunday, November 21, 2010

Should We Kiss Havel Havelim?

As I typed in the title I began to worry that somehow this post would be banned by the cyber-modesty squad would send in the "police" because I used the word "kiss."  But why did I use the word "kiss?"  That's because the latest Havel Havelim is hosted by To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Don't fear.  It's a perfectly great blog.  I'm sure you'll find posts that you really like.

One bit of sad news for Havel Havelim veterans is that its founder Soccer Dad has announced that he is retiring from blogging.  I understand his decision and respect it.  When he was in charge of Havel Havelim he mentored us all through hosting, helping, encouraging, sending links.  I couldn't understand how a dedicated family man, with a real job found the time to do so much for the blogging world, yes, much more than just the jbloggers.  David, I wish you and your family good health and smachot and everything good.

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Anonymous said...

1. i would translate this as 'existential' rather than 'immediate.'
2. why were there only religious zionists there?
3. havent we learned that no one cares when we demonstrate?