Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good News, Bad News, That Referendum Bill

The Israeli Knesset (Parliament) passed a bill that would require a referendum if the government, G-d forbid, decides to give our Land officially under Israeli sovereignty to the enemy Arabs. 

*The good news is that it's not supposed to make such a decision without asking permission from us, the tax paying citizens.  The bad news is that they are even thinking of giving our precious Land to the very same Arabs who want us dead, gone and destroyed.

This bill does not refer to Judea and Samaria, because we were never annexed.  We *Jews only* pay taxes like all Israeli citizens, follow official school curriculum, traffic laws and serve in the army, but our status is strange.  Arabs who live a short walk away from Jews aren't demanded to do any of these things.  They get the best of both worlds.  They can terrorize us and preach that we must be destroyed, but at the same time they have modern roads and highways, electricity, telephone connections, medical care etc.  We, the innocent Jewish Israeli citizen support Arabs and they just continue to attack us physically and verbally.

*And to remind you that the "good news" isn't all that good.  No country has ever done what Israel has been proposing to do, give its Land to an active unabashed enemy, or give land it controls/administers to anyone, especially when that Land was acquired in a defensive war, especially when that very Land is necesary for minimal defense and especially when the only people, nation, religion to have a national history there is them.  I also remember the innocent, naive confidence when the original annexation of all of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights was passed.  The  MK's (members of Knesset) who proposed it and voted for it did so in order to prevent just what is happening right now.

Forty years ago everyone remembered how the Syrians had terrorized the kibbutzim under the Golan Heights.  There is no way to protect northern Israel without Israel being sovereign in the Golan Heights.  Anyone who says anything different is lying, and I don't care what IDF position he held or holds.  Today, with the Golan Heights in our hands we have peace with Syria.  If Syria gets it, we'll have war.  Defacto peace is better than dejure peace.  I'm a pragmatist and I don't believe in pieces of paper, fancy ceremonies etc.

And I don't believe in referendums either.  Most people are easily influenced and the government, the same government which will want to give away our Land, will be wording that referendum.  It will say some fairy tale like:
"In exchange for true and lasting peace, the State of Israel must give...."
Are you wondering why there's a serious drought in the HolyLand?


Anonymous said...

are you seriously telling me that you think an arab is better off in israel than a jew is!??

Anonymous said...

Anonymess, where did Batya say such a thing?

Batya said...

Shy, I agree with you. I don't knkow what a is referring to.