Friday, November 26, 2010

Genuine Jericho, Not Long Island

Centuries and centuries ago when the European invaders began taking over, settling, the rich new continents that had been discovered between Europe and India/Asia, they considered them the "promised land" and named many of their new settlements, towns and cities after those in the Bible.  That's why you'll find lots of faux Shilohs, Bethlehems, Jerusalems, Hebrons and Jerichos.  Jews are permitted by American law to live in those places, although the United States Government thinks it's "immoral" for Jews to live in the origianl, genuine cities of those names.

That policy makes no sense to me.  As you know, I live in the real, Biblical Shiloh.  We've been here for twenty-nine years.  According to American law, it's illegal to discriminate against people living in certain locations because of their religion.  Every town, city, housing develpment is supposed to allow Jews to live and buy there, but the American government promotes the opposite policy when it comes to Biblical cities and locations in the Holy Land, Judea and Samaria.  They have absolute fits when the Israeli government announces building projects throughout Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

King David was from the Bethlehem area, near what is considered Kever Rachel, Rachel's Tomb.  Today Jews aren't welcome in Bethlehem, and even the Christian population has been declining, because the local Muslims make them very unwelcome.  Jerusalem is Judaism's holiest city and Israel's Capital City, but the United States and others want us to give large portions to the Arabs for a new, recently invented Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state.  Hebron has a vibrant, though tiny, Jewish community which must constantly defend itself against the Muslims and international pressure and discrimination.

And Jericho...
Well, it has been a struggle.  There are a number of Jewish towns overlooking Jericho, but no full-time Jewish community.  There are many activities for Jewish visitors.  Details can be found here. Many years ago, it was very easy to visit Jericho and tour there.  It's a beautiful city as I remember.

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