Monday, November 1, 2010

Will A Bad Showing For The Democrats Really Slow Down Obama's Push For A Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State?

Sorry for the long title, but sometimes a short, quick tease just isn't enough, or sometimes my brain just can't compose those short snappy ones.

There have been some unrealistic wishful thinking here in "the Right" Israel.  They think that if United States President Barack Hussein Obama's Democratic Party loose their majorities or just lose a lot of seats in the House and Senate, it'll lower the volume of Obama's support for a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State.

Sorry, Charley, or should I say Chaimke?  Obama is a "true believer" that Israel is cruel, unjust and oppresses his Arab "brothers."  He doesn't care what the American voters say.  A Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic State is one of Obama's pet "projects."  Obama feels no sympathy, identification for Israel, just antipathy.  And he's less discreet about it than Jimmy Carter was.  Carter knew that if he voiced too many pro-Arab anti-Israel views, he'd be up a creek, but today it's different.  Obama feels totally confident that he can "brow-beat" Israel.  Certainly there are enough Jews doing it.

Legally, I have the right by United States Law to vote in American Elections.  I've never done it and have no plans to ever do it.  As far as I'm concerned, as an expatriate I have no moral right to vote in U.S. Elections.  Let America and its residents take care of the United States.  My Israel needs me more.


Keli Ata said...

It could slow things down. The whole Tea Party movement has the Democrats worried. Seeing as the many of the Tea Partiers are Xtian Zionists the Democrats might fear losing too many votes if they continue to bash and bully Israel.

On the other hand, the Xtian Zionsist are at best a double edged sword for Israel.

In any event, voting Obama out of office will definitely help the US and Israel.

Can't wait until 2012!

Batya said...

He has over two years to go.

bataliyah said...

As a new olah from America, I also debated about whether to vote in the US elections. I was inclined, as you are, to keep my nose out of America's business. The one argument that gave me pause was from a friend who has lived in Israel 10 years already. She told me that she takes every opportunity to support Israel and that means voting for pro-Israel candidates in American elections. And that US law gives her the right to do so. In the end, I didn't vote, but I thought her point was well-taken.

Batya said...

In principle it's a good point. I'm just too cynical about how politicians will act when in office. Also, Americans rightfully think America first. I can't expect any more from them.

Anonymous said...

I have a different attitude toward my native land.

I have a great Hakarat Hatov ("recognition of the good") for being born and raised in a country which sheltered one of my parents from the black cloud of Europe, which let my parents bring me up as a free Jew and which allowed me overall to live an independent life, with minimal dictates.

America, the land, many of its people and the general original concept of its governance, is a miraculous country and historical unfolding.

Unfortunately, much is wrong with America today, from politics to morality. However, we've got enough problems and home grown enemies of our own here in Israel to deal with. Who are we to boast?

Unlike Europe, America has not YET crossed over the threshold of being the confirmed enemy of the Jewish people. Events over the next few years or decades could lead the US in either direction but at this point, I remain honored to be an Israeli, who also has American citizen.

I wish America well.

Batya said...

They should fix theirs and we ours, and ours is the Holyland.