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Monday, November 8, 2010

Roger Cohen and Maureen Dowd, Did They Plan It?

This morning I read a recent Roger Cohen op-ed about his U. S. President Barack Hussein Obama.  I saw suspicious echos to Maureen Dowd's article.

WASHINGTON — I was among the early and strong supporters of Barack Obama. America was stuck and it seemed to me he could take the country forward into the 21st century, which began so tragically in downtown New York and here in the nation’s capital. Like many, at midterm, I’m struggling with my disappointment...

Back and forth go the voices, but there’s no getting away from the disappointment. This president feels flat — and somehow not quite genuine. He should place above his bed the words of Jonathan Alter: “Logic can convince but only emotion can motivate.”

On arriving in New York from London, I went to a party on the Upper East Side. It was a well-heeled crowd, almost all Obama supporters a couple of years back. “The guy’s a phony,” one guest said. “We need a Bloomberg, somebody who can manage,” said another, referring to the billionaire mayor of New York. “All this Clinton nostalgia, it’s because Obama is a loner, not interested in people,” said a third.

I'm not surprised at Obama's failings. I wasn't impressed from the start.  Now would Cohen only admit that he has misjudged many, many things including his Israel policy...


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