Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jerusalem's Lightrail in the Night

Of late, the lightrail has been coming out of the proverbial "woodwork."  I keep coming across trains rather unexpectedly.  Drivers are training all over the city.  Sorry, I didn't mean to pun; I meant it literally.  No doubt that a major reason for the trains to be moving all times of the day and night is to train OK teach the staff how to drive them etc.

When I took this short video, the train was moving, though it's hard to tell here, because I was also moving.  I was rushing to catch a bus home.

I come across the train and tracks very frequently when I'm in Jerusalem, because the lightrail route begins in Pisgat Zeev, and I enter Jerusalem from Shiloh, Mateh Binyamin, at Pisgat Zeev.  The lightrail planners' plan is that we'll leave our cars, not that we personally have any, or buses in Pisgat Zeev and travel to whatever Jerusalem neighborhood we need by train.  If the train doesn't go there, then we'll be taking a bus from the train.

In theory, our Shiloh buses will go only as far as the train, unless I'm mistaken.  But from what I understand, the planners forgot to plan enormous parking lots for the cars and buses in Pisgat Zeev.  Yes, I know, minor details.  By the time the trains accept passengers, whether before or after the Moshiach (our long-awaited Messiah) isn't quite clear yet, the planners will have cooked up some solution, no doubt.

How this all jives with Obama's dream of making all of Judea, Samaria and most of municipal Jerusalem judenrein, evicting/displacing us (innocent, law-abiding Jewish Israeli citizens) and replacing us with his friends the Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic Arabs is the subject for another post.  In the meantime the lightrail officials are preparing for the age of the Jerusalem Trolley car.

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