Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amazing Chanukah Video and Song From Matisyahu

It's a miracle!


Bryan said...

Ah! Thank you for posting this! I found a song I can direct to my goyische mishpocha as proof that Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song" isn't the only modern Chanukah song that isn't in Hebrew.

Batya said...

I'm glad you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Batya. TY for posting it.


Brian, here's a video I posted on You Tube for the song We Are Lights



Anonymous said...

I was delighted when about two weeks ago Israeli singer Yerachmiel Ziegler contacted me and sent his new song for Chanukah based on the last stanza of Maoz Tzur.

It starts very dark with a lift at the end. He said I brought out the emotion of the song beautifully.

Such a compliment from a man who has also toured with Matisyahu!!

I was so caught up in plans for my first Chanukah that I almost forgot what it was all about.



Anonymous said...

Whoa! "Babes" on Shiloh Musing's blog!


Jewish Israel said...

Great interfaith assimilation video. Sadly, it represents the antithesis of Hanukah.

With all of those Santa outfits, evergreen trees, and snow, not to mention hedonistic " babes", one wonders which "miracle" this is about.

The ultimate irony is that an observant Jew named after the hero of the Hanukah story produced this.

One of the great joys and miracles of making aliyah is that we Jews can clean our system of Christmas and Easter imagery. Matisiyahu, time to see the light(s) and come home!

Sorry. No "happy holidays" message from us. Here’s an article from Simple To Remember, which explains how there is very little to be happy about with regard to the upcoming Christian “holidays”.

We wish a Happy Hanukah to all of our fellow Jews.

The Staff

Batya said...

Jewish Israel, I agree that it's not perfect and it's not for Israel. But for your assimilated galut Jew in a cristian country it's fine. I used to be one of those.

Shy, I suggest you fb Matisyahu and ask him why she was dressed like that. It wasn't necessary for the "plot."

keli, I must check it out.

Keli Ata said...

I know what JI means. I was listening to Adam Sandlers Chanukah Song, third version, and could hear faint bell sounds.

Sounded too christmasy for my ears.

Thank you for watching my video.

I have a post on it reflecting on the experience of making this particular video.

Ellen: I'll check out the JI article.

Keli Ata said...

Bryan: there is also the fun song and video Chocolate Coins. It's a rap Chanukah song. You can find that on You Tube.

Keli Ata said...

oops, I meant planning my first Chanukah party that I will be hosting. My first time for that, not my first Chanukah!

Anonymous said...

Here's how to make a Chanukah music video.

ellen said...

Why is this video "fine" for "your assimilated galut Jew in a cristian country"?

I would think that a video like this causes a problem for assimiliated Jews precisely because it blurs and crosses lines.

The very people who need definition and clarity aren't getting it and it's a shame that a talented and Torah observant Jew like Matisiyahu didn't rise to challenge and produce a dynamic and catchy video with an authentic Jewish message. That would have been a major Kiddush Hashem.

Batya said...

Ellen, I come from that world, so even though there are things we'd find unaccepatable, like there was no need for the female to be dressed like that, it has its good points.

Shy, cute video, and I'll post it, but acapella isn't loved by all. I'm glad that YU has a group. That "sham, sham, sham" saddens me.

Keli, I have to find it. What's the link?

Anonymous said...

What good points does this video have Batya?

It's almost nothing more than a hip-hop rendition of "It's a Small World After All", with a partial Jewish motif.

Look at the lyrics. Do you notice Who is not mentioned?

I would prefer listening to "miracle" drivel Whitney Houston. At least she didn't obfuscate the subject of the lyrics.

Yeh, let's keep those ignorant, assimilated American Jews entertained. That's what life is all about!


Batya said...

Shy, I wrote to his facebook page asking for a reply. Let's see if there is one.

ellen said...

I came from the assimilated world, too. Reform Jew from the mid-west. Was educated in a prestigious prep school that was 90% Gentile.

I was always grateful when a great Jew from that world had the courage and integrity to untangle the interfaith mixed messages which were flying in all directions.

Matisiyahu missed a great opportunity and his video only serves to reinforce a Hellenistic (melting pot) culture.
The fact that Matisiyahu sports long peyot, a kippa and tzitit doen't remedy the problem, as many Judeo-Christian, evangelical and messianic/hebraic Christian sects are currently doing the same – and they're outfitted in the name of jesus.

Batya said...

Ellen, let's try to contact him. I left a message, you should try, too. My feeling is that he's new to everything including yiddishkeit and can use some friendsly guidance.

Keli Ata said...

Color me humiliated. After many very kind comments about the song and video I was saddened to get an email like that the artist chose to release an entirely different new Hanukkah song.

I was really proud of the video, got excellent feedback and now I feel like I've been kicked in the teeth:(

That nobody commented on it on You Tube makes me feel even more humiliated. This feels awful.

Sorry for venting here, Batya:(

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

Batya, I watched all the videos mentioned here. the one with Matisyahu - the lyrics are ok, I guess (although I had to read them in text to know what he is singing in the video - thanks Shy Guy) but the video has nothing to do with Chanukah, aside from the name of the singer, and the appearance of a character who introduces himself as Antiochus. how is that good in any way for Jews, assimilated or otherwise?

Keli, don't be discouraged by "no comments". I'm sure many people saw your videos, but a viewer can't post comments unless they are registered for youtube. and I, for example, am not. probably a lot of people just watch without registering.

so I will put my comments here - the "We Are Lights" video is beautiful. absolutely beautiful. took my breath away. although I feel that the "Chasof" one is too dark and sad, even with the "lighter at the end".

I searched for the "Chocolate Coins" one on youtube, but didn't like that one. gambling? stealing from Grandma? is that what Chanukah is about?

I really liked the one that Shy Guy posted - "Candlelight" by the Maccabeats. especially if we are talking about "what is a good video for assimilated Jews who don't know Hebrew". it's in English, very rhythmic, combines both the historic story and modern celebrations, sung by young religious Jewish guys dressed modernly. here's the link again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSJCSR4MuhU

the article posted by JI - I knew the history of xmas was bad, but I didn't realize how awful it was! and religious well-meaning goyim celebrate those customs today? Antiochus and Caligula (representing Greek and Roman hedonism, respectively) would be proud of them. I don't know if the founders of their religion would be, though (their original Jewish hero and his 12 disciples). modern xians should learn about the history of those customs before celebrating them.

Ze'ev said...

I love the video! I think many are missing the point. The "babe" represents the decadence of the Hellenistic period, which Matisyahu clearly rejects and chooses instead to join the Macabee warrior-with no hesitation. In the video it is only after the two Matisyahus get captured that they are imprisoned wearing Santa suits-prison uniforms.Once they escape, we never see the suits again. Later in the video the Zamboni crashes down a Christmas tree. A study of lyrics brilliantly describes the core values of Channakah;

Against all odds, trod on till tommorrow
Wipe away your tears and sorrow
Sunrise in the sky like an arrow
No need to worry. No need to cry.
Light up your mind no longer be blind
Him who searches he will find
Leave your problems behind
We will shine like a fire in the sky
What's the reason we're alive.
Bound to stumble and fall
But my strength comes not from man at all
Bound to stumble and fall
But my strength comes not from man at all.

I think Matisyahu produced a great video that this Jew is proud of! And by the way, I am just as Jewish as you are!

Batya said...

I wonder how this is taken out of Israel?

Keli, Leah's answer is great. thanks, Leah for the reply to Keli.

Zeev, thanks for the input.

I don't expect everyone to agree.