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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Are the Dems Afraid of Sarah Palin?

When I was doing a "meet the blogs" on me-ander, I popped over to visit Seraphic Secrets and read his review comparing two female American politicans and what they stand for, Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi.  Nobody votes undecided when it comes to Sarah Palin.  Robert and his wife are among her fans.

Since politics is no more than show business, a successful audition (election/appointment) will get you public office, let's start with the superficial.  Palin is youthful, good-looking and has a hadsome husband.  She exudes sincerity, put her anti-abortion money where her mouth is by carrying to term a Down Syndrome baby and can give a fluent speech without a teleprompter.

True, I don't vote in American elections, even though I'm a USA citizen and have the legal right to.  But I am a political observer and have been ever since I was a child.  I remember Adlai Stevenson running against Ike and that famous picture of the hole in the sole of his shoe.  He lost; he just wasn't very "presidential."  And his being an intellectual didn't help him relate to the ordinary person or the ordinary person relate to him.

Palin's kids, even Bristol's problems, make Sarah an easier sell to the silent majority.  That has the Democrats sweating even worse than Nixon did during that debate against JFK.


Moriah said...

Sarah Palin represents authority. Liberals in power are like eighth graders with the power to print money. Conservativism is what will put the kabosh on the "partaay"
That's why the party of perpetual immaturity calls us the "party of no." ;-)

Anonymous said...

sarah palin is a dominionist. look it up.

Moriah said...

"sarah palin is a dominionist. look it up."


There is no threat of Christianity suddenly dominating American politics. However, at this point in history if that were true, they would be more friendly to Jews than the world of Liberal politics is now.

Hadassa said...

I looked it up. IMHO even an atheist would prefer Sarah Palin to the Islamophiles so prevalent among the Democrats, including, but by no means limited to Barack Hussein Obama. Islam is associated with the largest terror organizations in the world today. What are the dominionists threatening? The worst I found was a desire to teach creationism in schools. Some claim that that would hurt the science industry in America and set the entire country back to the Dark Ages. I think that the physicist Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, who was on the American - not Jewish - list of Who's Who in Physics, would disagree. So would Dr. Aviezer (doctorate in physics from U of Chicago) of Bar Ilan University who wrote "In the Beginning", which shows that there's no contradiction between the Torah and science.

Batya said...

a, the ladies, Moriah and Hadassa, prefer dominionist to trendy Lefty Democrats. I agree with their assessments.

violet said...

We're not. We find her ridiculous. She's a lazy, greedy quitter.

Take a closer look at just who's been attacking her over the past few days. Apparently it's the Republicans who're afraid of her. There seems to be a concerted effort by Republicans to tear her down.

Batya said...

Just ordinary people like her.

Hadassa said...

Violet, I didn't say that I think she's my savior. She's definitely not. I'm not even saying that she's the best candidate. All I'm saying is that anyone who favors the Islamophile Democrats over Sarah Palin needs to re-think his choices. And it's not just because of Barack Obama's opinions on Israel. The Muslims want to destroy America, with or without the Jews.

Ben-Yehudah said...

I favor neither. To put any faith in ANY goyim or goyshe related power (ie the US govt, Dem or Rep) is insane.

Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People, not the US. We must stand on our own two feet, for our psychological, spiritual, and yes, physical health.

The Christian Threat is just as real and as dangerous as the Arab threat, it just has a different quality to it.

We disassociate ourselves from both.

One of the qualities of the Eruv Rav is the bringing together of Esau and Yishmael. With the insane left aligning with Yishmael, and the insane right aligning itself with Esau, we are going down the path of this eventual union.

At first we only had to deal with some Arabs and some Christians in Israel. Then the insane left prevented many Arabs from running away in 1948, then more came. The Christians were also never run out of of town, and now we have the insane right actually inviting them and helping them to settle in Israel, both contrary to Torah Law (See UNCENSORED Ramba"m Hil. Avodah Zarah 9:4, 10:1-20)

And, now, we have Christians in Batya's backyard (Sha'arei Binyamin, Ariel, Itamar, Har B'racha, Qedumim) and also in her front yard, now, too???

And the insane right just wants to look the other way,... the other way meaning the contents of their wallets....

HaShem yishmor!

Batya said...

YBY, One of the reasons I don't vote in American elections is because I don't see them as having a direct effect on life here in Israel. They don't rule us. We do, and if our gov't obeys them the problem still resides in our govt.

I agree that too many Jews and Israelis, even those in my neighborhood, think with their wallets.