Sunday, October 31, 2010

Places, Not Just Names

I've been blogging about my Bible studies in Matan, especially the Al haPerek course which will take us on a learning tour of the entire Bible within a few years.  Most of the places we've been reading about in Joshua are pretty familiar.  Before all the faux peace we were able to visit Jericho, which is the first place Joshua got to.  Finally I learned of the conquest.

Afterwards there's the battle of "Ha'Ai."  It's not "Ai," it's "the Ai," like "The Bronx."  As soon as we came across it I began asking:
"Where is this Ai

I kept getting all sorts of answers in the Jericho area, maybe  Maale Adumim.  But then we studied Chapters 7-8 and understood that it's close to Beit El.  If that's the case it can't be Maale Adumim, unless Beit El of today isn't near the Biblical one.  It's almost playing that new game Sudoko, shuffling things around to make sure they all fit.

Why soes it concern me so much?  I guess it means a lot because I live here in the Benjamin area, just south of the Shomron... or are we southern Shomron?

Yes, living in Shiloh and having worked in Beit El puts a personal relationship to all these places.

And that's why we're commanded to walk the Land, not drive by in protected vehicles with the windows up, the airconditioner/heater on and music coming out of the loudspeaker.

We should all get to know our precious Land better.

Li'Ilui Nishmata shel RivkA bat Yeshaya

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