Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mubarak, Stop The Threats!

Mubarak: Failure of talks will lead to terror, violence
If you're paying attention, even when we're at these "negotiations," there aren't any going on.  All of our "partners" and "mediators" agree on what the end results should be.  That's the antithesis of negotiating.  They are dictating to us the State of Israel. 

They demand a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian sic state in the land Israel liberated in a war in which we defended the very existence of our country.

Mubarak's predecessor Gamal Nasser kept announcing that his aim was to drive us into the sea, destroy the State of Israel.  Israel was attacked on three fronts: Syria from the north, Jordan led by  King Abdullah's father Hussein from the east and Egypt's Nassar from the South.  West of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea in which we were supposed to drown.

We won the 1967 Six Days War, thank G-d and with the help of G-d.  And if we leave those negotiations, G-d will help us again!


yoni said...

i wonder if anyone really listens to, or cares what this guy (and many others like him) is saying. yes, it's a threat. but he says it like it's some kind of general warning. who are these people that will commit acts of terror? HIS people, the arabs. he's basically saying "what can i do, my people are more than a little bit crazy and you better be careful with them because they take offence easily and that offence turns into violence automatically because, like, that's how we roll".

disgusting. "sorry, i can't do anything about it, but my people are all psychopaths". and the world community nods their collective heads in sympathetic understanding.

Batya said...

When it's a newspaper headline it gets all puffed up out of proportion.