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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mining The Survivors For The True Story

Will the world, or their families, ever discover all that transpired to the trapped Chilean miners?  The rubble united them for weeks on end.  Do we really need to know?

Some of them expect to benefit from the interest of the world which should produce books, movies etc.  If that's the case they need good lawyers and agents, or they will just be exploited and embarrassed.  They may discover that it's harder to find trustworthy professionals than it was to have escaped that dangerous underground mine.

These men and their families have been through literally hellish times.  I may be wrong, but most men don't work in mines from choice, meaning that they didn't have many employment options.  Are they going to return to the mines?  How will they rebuild their lives?

Post-trauma plays differently with most.  You need viable options to survive, and I wonder how many of those rescued miners have real choices.  It's not just conventional "help" that they'll need.

Good luck to them and their families.


Keli Ata said...

I love listening and watching real survivor stories (hate the TV show Survivor).

I was in tears and the entire nation and every TV station covered the rescue of Jessica Mcclure, the toddler who fell in a well. The paramedic who rescued her later killed himself.

Being in that tunnel so deep under the ground and the orders to break her arms if necessary to get her out must have haunted him.

The movie and book Alive is based on a true story. So is the film Defiance. Two films that I watch repeatedly. Sounds crazy but somehow I find these true stories very compelling, and in the back of my mind I wonder how I would survivor.

It probably is way too soon for the miners to tell their stories. They most likely do need counseling initially.

Can't imagine what is it like to be buried alive. Horrible beyond words.

Batya said...

The fear and stress for two and a half weeks before they knew if they'd all die alone...
I hate to think of it.

Anonymous said...

Enough already.

Or I'll revive the OJ Simpson murders!

Batya said...

Shy, there's no comparison. I really feel sorry for them and their families. OJ's something else.

Anonymous said...

All I meant was that I've had news overload of both stories, each in their own time.

Batya said...

I haven't written all that much about the miners.

Anonymous said...

It's not you. It's me! :) I've had my overdose of articles and posts on the subject from all over.

Anonymous said...

Actually, i hope those miners won't tell their stories, except to those that are truly 'worthy'.
I hate to think of all them dirty minds that "love to read survivor stories".


Batya said...

Shikse, I agree with you on that.