Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Letter to RivkA

Coffee and Chemo's RivkA has requested letters. I sent the following letter via Pesky. Since RivkA has been so public about all aspects of her cancer, medically and how she and the family cope, I'll publicly post the letter I wrote her:

RivkA, you've given a new face to cancer. Unlike many who've had chemo, even in the past, you'd rush up for a hug and kiss. Unlike others, you continued going to the pool, not giving up your regular activities.

I pray that I (and my loved ones and everyone in this world) never have to face your challenges. You've taken them on without ducking, shirking or hiding. I'm convinced that has given you more time here in this world.

You've taught us so much.

G-d decides how much time we have, but we decide how to spend it. It's one thing to learn this in theory, in some machshvet or philosophy course. Everything seems so easy when you don't have to do it in real life. But you, and your ezer k'negda Moshe have been showing us how to live.

This world is meant to be temporary. Here we buy our tickets, determine whether we'll have cheap or luxury seats in the Next World. Only G-d can read the code.

I don't know if I'll make it to the hospital to see you. f2f hasn't been the main part of our relationship. Since you have so few minutes of the day when you have the strength to be with others, you should use it for your family and f2f friends. You're in my mind where you've always been ever since I began reading your blog.

I pray for miracles, and if a great medical miracle doesn't happen, then I hope that G-d lets us meet again when He decides my 120 has come.

Brachot and Good Health to Your Family,



May G-d grant RivkA bat Teirtzel a רפואה שלימה  Refuah shleimah, a complete recovery


Bernie said...

What a beautiful letter you have written to RivkA....I pray she was able to hear your wonderful words.
Be well.......:-) Hugs

Batya said...

Thanks, Bernie, I visited your blog and wish you good health.