Monday, October 4, 2010

Israeli Minister Erdan to Visit Arab City Under Construction

Considering all the building, unlicensed of course, that constantly goes on in Arab villages, towns, cities etc you'd wonder why they need a new city.  Many of these new buildings are totally or mostly empty. 

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan, senior Ministry officials and IDF representatives will, on Tuesday, 5.10.10, tour the site of the planned Palestinian city of Rawabi, which is designated to house 40,000 residents in 6,000 units. The first residents are due to move in in 2013. Minister Erdan will inspect the measures that will be taken to prevent environmental damage (water and ground pollution, illegal dumping sites, etc.). (Communicated by the Environmental Protection Ministry Spokesman)

The new city is near Beit El, north of Ramalla.

Israeli police have no real authority over Arab drivers who cause fatal "accidents" much too frequently.  How does Erdan expect to "prevent environmental damage" in this Arab city.  If he really cares about the environment he will make it a Jewish city.  We need the new housing, not the Arabs.

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