Wednesday, October 13, 2010

אין עם מי לדבר, Ain Im Mi Lidaber, There is No One To Talk To

If they will never "recognize Israel as Jewish state," then they will never make peace with us.  A "peace agreement" isn't peace.  It's a piece of paper, no more, possibly even less.

The Israeli politicians ruling the country, from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on down, must stand up for that simple truth.  We are a country under attack by irrational, hate-filled Arab terrorists.  Their culture isn't ours.  I was going to add that it isn't the "western," Judaic-Christian culture, but considering that the world stood idly by when Nazi Germany systematically murdered millions of Jews, I'd say that there is a very sophisticated antisemitism dominating most modern cultures.

We must get real and do what's best for the State of Israel and not worry about what others want us to do.  They'd rather build a memorial than see a strong, vibrant successful State of Israel in the Holyland.


Anonymous said...

had they agreed to this the abu mazen would have been inherently giving up on the right of return for palestinian refugees. so he really couldnt have agreed to this condition.

mind you, the right of return for pal refugees is a relatively new demand of the p.a., and something of a red herring imo.

but overall i agree with you: theres nobody to talk to here.

Nasch said...

My father grew up in an Arab country. He always says that the West is diluding itself in thinking we can just sit around a table and negotiate with them. That simply isnt their culture. Their word doesnt mean anything, cause that's just not the Arab mentality.

Batya said...

a, Nasch, we agree and find it obvious, so why doesn't the government see it?

Nasch said...

I dont know, maybe some do, but they have to pretend otherwise to please the US and Europe.

Batya said...

They don't "have to." The truth would get us more.