Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Missionary Sham and Shame for the Knesset

Posted by Jewish Israel
From November 2nd through 11th, the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) is holding the Third Jerusalem Assembly with their partners from Covenant Alliances -an organization run by missionaries.

In part 4 of the Rav series, Jewish Israel exposes the missionary connections and the "Judeo-Christian" theological agenda of the Caucus.

Does encouraging a theological, covenantal relationship with passionate Christians put the foundations of Judaism at risk? What would Rav Soloveitchik say?

And has former MK Rabbi Benny Elon learned from his mistakes and changed directions in his approach to the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation (IIACF)?...more


Batya said...

Ellen, Thanks for posting this important information. It seems like too many well-meaning Jews are blinded by the glittery gifts. I'm glad to be part of your efforts to let the Jewish world know the truth about these "trojan horses."

ellen said...

Thanks, Batya.
This post was very upsetting to write. Our people are severly near-sighted for sure. The "trojan horses" appear like angels to them.

Batya said...

I can imagine. There are times one is required to look a gift horse in the mouth. And while I'm cliche`ing, you don't get anything for nothing. Strings are always attached.

ellen said...

These are more than strings. We are absolutley entangled in a very complex web.

Remember how Beilin and Peres et al.kept calling the Oslo process irreversible? They tied it to us with a million different political,economic and diplomatic ropes.

Well the word "unconditional" when used to decribe the relationship evangelicals have with Israel reminds me a lot of "irreversible"

Batya said...

Very dangerous and very frightening.