Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get an Eye-Full of Jerusalem's Machaneh Yehuda Prior to Rosh Hashannah

I tried something new here using Picasa to upload directly to blogger. The first post I did like that was to me-ander, and it came out fine, but apparently the Picasa/Blog This! limits the amount of pictures, so now I'll have to somehow manually add more. This does not make me happy, not at all.  But I'm glad to have learned its limitations.  The option is best for a few pictures.  Four maximum.  So, under the picasa logo, I'll add more pictures.

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Do you see the bird there?  Don't buy what can't be washed!


Hadassa said...

One of the places I miss the most in Jerusalem is Machaneh Yehuda. Every time I visit and don't walk through the shuk my visit is not complete. Other than Har HaBayit, Machaneh Yehuda is THE Jerusalem for me - it's a microcosm of the Jewish people.

Batya said...

My husband insists that even though schlepping the food isn't easy, he can't imagine shopping elsewhere.
I'm amazed at how it's going so high class.

Anonymous said...

Way back when in early married life, when we only had 2 - 3 - 4 mouths to feed, I would park my car in Rechov Valero just before 8AM every Wednesday and hit the shuk just at opening time. I would return to the car with a full sal (remember those? still use one?) in each hand, plus an overloaded non-back-supporting pack on my back.

Last week, my wife was in the shuk on Chol Hamoed before Shemini Atzeret. She came back with terrific produce and amazing spices. Nothing like it!

Batya said...

I love those big plastic sallim and use them for laundry, sorting too.

Hadassa said...

I had two of those salim (baskets). I used them not only for the weekly yarkaniya (fruit and vegetable store, brought to K'far Darom in a open trailer attached to the back of a van) but also to bring toys to the sandbox. For some reason I reminded one of my Yemenite neighbors of a Moroccan. Go figure... The baskets eventually tore to the point of uselessness and I never got around to buying more in Netivot.

Batya said...

My husband mourns the end of the all cotton net bags, very strong, expandable and easy to take in his work briefcase.

ellen said...

great pictures!
Makes me want to paint again.

Keli Ata said...

Great pictures!

Picture #2 from the top...that's the most huge fish head I have ever seen in my life. Is it real?

Batya said...

Ellen, had you really stopped? I was never good at drawing. Thank G-d for photography!

Yes, Keli, it's real.