Thursday, October 14, 2010

Helen Thomas's Antisemitism, How Did She Stay in Power So Long?

There are still organizations willing to give Helen Thomas a public forum, where she confirms that her "Jews, leave Israel..." position is and has always been her opinion.

So, my question is very simple:  Why did it take so long, so many decades, for her to be publicly labeled antisemitic and removed from her respected posts?


Anonymous said...

I suppose she kept her feelings private, I don't know really. She is certainly a bigot and liar. I'm glad to see her gone when reporters go to the White House. She's a lonely old lady now, I hope.

Batya said...

A, I wonder how secret she kept those opinions. There's more a chance that there are many like-minded people in the american halls of power. and she doesn't seems lonely nor shunned. I think we have to get real and realize that we're more isolated.