Sunday, October 10, 2010

HaRabbanit Yemima Mizrachi in English

I went to hear HaRabbanit Yemima Mizrachi a few months ago.  She spoke in Ofra to a totally packed, large synagogue.  This was no fire and brimstone talk to shake us to the bones.  HaRabbanit Yemima is more like an amazingly talented and spiritual stand-up comedian.

I felt sorry for my neighbors with weaker Hebrew who didn't attend.  Now it has been revealed that the Rabbaanit speaks fluent English, too.  here are two sites which have a talk she gave in English, one, two.



Netivotgirl said...

Thanks so much Batya! I listen to her weekly shiur through her site on She is a remarkable woman who gives brilliant lectures laced with humor, as you mentioned. And so, I look forward to hearing her lecture in English!!

BTW, Yemima's father is well known here in Netivot as he oversaw the office running Yeshivat Ha'negev for 30 years with weekly visits. He is a regal aristocratic man and I'm certain he's proud of her!

Devorah said...

What is the meaning of the name "Yemima" ?

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, I must get used to hearing the shiurim online. I'm very kinesthetic and usually need the "event."
Devorah, sorry, I don't know. Maybe someone can enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

"Yemima" was one of the daughters of Yitro and/or Iyov. See Iyov 42:14 and read RASHI there for the meaning of the name.

And of course you all know what the name is in English.

Devorah said...

Thanks Shy Guy.

Unknown said...


You mentioned 2 links to her English Shiur but I don't see the links.
Could you post the links again?
Thank you.

Batya said...

Varda, just click the words "one" and "two" in the post.