Friday, October 15, 2010

Road Safety, Daylight Savings and Staying Awake

No doubt that one of the most common causes for traffic accidents is a lack of concentration, attention, alertness by drivers.  When I was studying for my teaching license, I researched why it's common today for 30-40% of the students, instead of the 3-4% who are diagnosed neurologically, to be displaying AD/HD behavior, categorized by a lack of concentration, attention, alertness, impulsively and memory problems.  Sound familiar?  I came to the conclusion that they're suffering the effects of insufficient sleep which also causes a lack of concentration, attention, alertness, impulsively and memory problems.

Driving demands a high power of concentration and multitasking.  Drivers who don't sleep enough are a danger to themselves and others.

This week I twice traveled distances late at night.  The first time I was the designated passenger to keep the driver awake and alert.  I dread to think what would have happened if my friend had driven alone.  It was hard enough for the two of us to remain awake and alert for the two hours of the trip.

Night driving is especially dangerous because of the darkness and flashing lights.  I could never drive at night at this point in my life, because my eyes automatically close under those circumstances.

And what about daylight savings?  Doesn't it save money?  People stay up later when there's daylight savings and they get less sleep.  That causes more accidents.  One of my daughters has an interesting approach to daylight savings.  We should have it in the winter, so evening will be later and afternoon longer.  It shouldn't be in the summer when the sun sets later.  It's so difficult to get the kids to bed when the sun is still shining.

I agree.  We should even out the clock, not make the difference between summer and winter more extreme.

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Anonymous said...

Driving at night is hard, especially if the road's so dark and you are sleepy. And that's two of the main reasons why car accidents do happen. Last year, I got into a minor car accident, because I almost fell asleep while driving. Thank God I didn't get hurt, but my car's quite damaged. So I went into a collision repair (Dallas, Tx area) car shop and fixed my damaged car. Collision repair in Dallas made me sure that my car's been restored. Lesson learned here was that just always stay focused while driving.