Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dangers of The Jewish and Israeli Lala Left

There's a simple, logical pragmatic turn of my mind, which I describe as being the CPA's daughter, which I am.  I don't accept slogans as simple statements.   generally see a few, sometimes unwanted, steps further.  That's why as far as I'm concerned, the way my very realistic, practical mind sees things, the end result, bottom line of the lala Left and today's PC Center, internationally recognized accepted and promoted ideology that Jews have no rights, or just plain shouldn't be, in Judea and Samaria is that:
Soros-funded J-Street follows that far lala Left bottom line.  The following is from World Jewish Daily:
Blogger Omri Ceren has obtained a transcript of the Al- Jazeera Forum last May in which J Street co-founder and advisory board member Daniel Levy describes Israel's founding as "an act that was wrong."

Here is the quote in full:

One can be a utilitarian two-stater, in other words think that the practical pragmatic way forward is two states. This is my understanding of the current Hamas position. One can be an ideological two-stater, someone who believes in exclusively the Palestinian self-determination and in Zionism; I don’t believe that it’s impossible to have a progressive Zionism. Or one can be a one-stater. But in either of those outcomes we’re going to live next door to each other or in a one state disposition. And that means wrapping one’s head around the humanity of both sides. I believe the way Jewish history was in 1948 excused – for me, it was good enough for me – an act that was wrong. I don’t expect Palestinians to think that. I have no reason – there’s no reason a Palestinian should think there was justice in the creation of Israel.

In my Matan studies, I'm also in the Al haPerek program, an interactive Bible study class based on individual (which can be partner or group) work based on their (Matan) sources and guided questions.  We've just begun studying Joshua and are delving into the nitty-gritty of how he takes over the leadership from Moses and prepares the Jewish People for settling the Promised/Holy Land.  I see so many echoes to today.  That's one of the reasons why learning the Bible (Tanach) is so crucially important.  It's not some ancient Iliad type history book or Harry Potter fantasy.

We're the same Jewish People descended from those who entered the Land with Joshua thousands of years ago.  All of our ancient enemies have ceased to exist, but for some very perverse, peculiar reason even some our fellow Jews in Israel and abroad have joined those who are creating new enemies to try to stop us.  They have lots of money and use tricky slogans.

We must defeat them.

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