Saturday, July 19, 2014

We Loudly Prayed: "When Will You Rule in Zion?" "Matai Timloch b'Tzion?" "?מתי תמלוך בציון"

Today as we prayed this morning in our neighborhood Shiloh synagogue, I suddenly noticed that when we were in the Shacharit (morning prayer) Kedusha everyone was singing more loudly and clearly the following line:
 מתי תמלוך בציון? בקרוב בימינו לעולם ועד תשכון
Matai timloch b'tzion? Bikarov biyameinu li'olam va'ed tishkon
When will You rule in Zion? May it be soon in our days and may You dwell there forever, for all time.
This way we were all praying with complete understanding of what we were saying reminded me of the reaction of a cousin's son when he returned from prayers in our synagogue:
"The people understand all of the words."
Yes, prayers are a totally different experience when Israelis who use Hebrew for everyday life are praying.

There's a war going on, and on Shabbat we had no idea of what was happening. Many of us have family members on the front lines, whether in the army or living in Israel's south. After years and years of this cycle of attacks on Israel, then "surgical" military responses by Israel, a ceasefire or appreciable reduction in attacks for a few months, a year and then the attacks resume, each time reaching further and further in our precious country... We're tired of how our politicians are conducting the defense of the country and we want a change. That's why we pray for G-d to take over...

The Time of the Moshiach, the Messiah will be a rule of G-d's wisdom. That's what we are praying for. We want leaders who understand and are willing to rule us according to the Torah wisdom.

In the meantime, our soldiers in the IDF are working as hard and well as they can. This sad announcement greeted me after Shabbat:

Baruch Dayan Ha'emet
Blessed is the True G-d

They were killed capturing terrorists.
An IDF reserve officer, Col. Amotz Greenberg, 45, of Hod Hasharon, and Sgt. Adar Bersano, 20, of Nahariya, were killed Saturday morning after a terrorist squad infiltrated from Gaza into Israel through a tunnel.
The terrorists engaged an IDF motorized force that passed near the location where they emerged from the tunnel, firing at a jeep and killing the two soldiers, and wounding two others.

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