Monday, July 14, 2014

The Iron Dome, Pros and Cons

This would be a very different war if we didn't have the Iron Dome. Someone I know who is very involved with its development told me once that he rushed to get it ready for operation so his sons wouldn't have to fight. He knows what war is and has no delusions about military heroism. At time of war his sons may be called to the front-line.

Much has been written in praise of the Iron Dome. There are slews of pictures showing how it intercepts potentially deadly missiles before they can land in Israel, kill, destroy and maim. Without the Iron Dome there would be more damage, death and injuries in Israeli population centers and the rural areas, too. This statement doesn't contradict what I blogged yesterday about G-d being on our side. G-d's protection is very much like "matching funds," or as we say in Hebrew, "hishtadlut," making an effort. For G-d to help us, we must make all sorts of efforts. Prayer is one, but also there is inventing protective "shields" such as the Iron Dome and entering bomb shelters.

Counterstrike: Smoke trails are seen as a the Iron Dome missile defence system intercepts a rocket launched from Gaza, near the southern town of Sderot

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Iron Dome is an effective, truck-towed mobile air defence system developed by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems. The system has been developed to counter very short range rockets and artillery shell (155mm) threats with ranges of up to 70km. It can be operated in all weather conditions including fog, dust storm, low clouds and rain.
Selected by the Israel Defence Ministry, Iron Dome provides defence against short-range missiles and rockets which pose a threat to the civilian population of Israel's northern and southern border. The system was deployed by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in March 2011. Read more...
The Iron Dome does protect Israelis, frequently prevents death, injury and destruction, but it isn't a solution to our security problem! That's the downside. It promotes a false sense of safety and security, while facilitating the Gazan Arab terrorists' missile and launching military development.

Just because only a small percentage of missiles land in Israel causing harm, injury or death does not mean that the enemy is getting weaker. It's just the opposite. The fact that there are so few "successful landings," death, damage and gory pictures of dead and injured Israelis makes the world, international media and diplomats believe that Israel is not in danger, that the Gazans do not have potentially damaging weapons. Most of the world and even some Israelis believe the delusion that Israel is not in danger.

The Israeli Government should do everything to totally destroy the enemy and not pay attention to what the world may say, because push comes to shove and the world doesn't really care what happens to us. We shouldn't care what happens to Gazan civilians, and we must cut off the supply of all aid to Gaza and their electricity which they get from Israel. Even when the dust settles, and the war is over, Gaza must have their own independent electric supply/structure. I have no doubt that European countries and NGO's will fight for the opportunity to fund it. And we shouldn't treat Arab wounded in our hospitals. The rights of Israelis to get medical care must be primary.

Now to destroy our enemies!


Devorah Tikvah said...

Batya, check this out:

If I am reading this correctly and we are building a good and cooperative relationship with Egypt and they are against Muslim Brotherhood and feel Hamas and Gaza are a threat to them, couldn't this be a golden opportunity to work with the Egyptians to put the squeeze on Hamas in Gaza from all sides and take it back. Perhaps Egyptians as an ally, benefiting both countries national security and interests could work together. What do you think? Is this something Bibi would consider? Is it feasible? Devorah Tikvah, Arad, Israel,

aparatchik said...

Regarding G-d and Iron Dome: Who allowed the idea to occur to the makers of Iron Dome?