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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If "The Settlements" sic are The Problem, Why are The Arabs Attacking Tel Aviv?

Yes, that's one of my typically dumb questions.

A quick reading of the news shows that the Gazan Arab terrorists are, davka, targeting areas in Israel which aren't "under contention," or "disputed." Those terms are popular with people trying to be objective about Judea and Samaria.

If I had a dollar for every-time a world leader, whether United States President Barack Hussein Obama, his Secretary of State John Kerry, the former U.S. Presidents Bush, Britain's former Prime Minister Blair, or United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon ad nauseum (etc) blamed communities like my hometown Shiloh for the "tension" and violence, I'd be a millionaire already.

If you're carefully following the news, you'd know that this year's war (there seems to be one almost every year) the Arab terrorist aim is to hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
An Iron Dome battery intercepted the incoming rocket over Tel Aviv. Hamas announced it had fired four M-75 rockets at the capital. Two loud thuds were heard in downtown Jerusalem shortly after the rocket warning siren went off at 9:56 p.m. Thousands of residents entered bomb shelters, while others remained outside and in cafés.
Many of us have been following the pattern of these attacks for a number of years, and you don't have to be a military expert or major-general to see that the Arab terrorists keep on improving their missiles and launchers. Each time their reach is further and further. No longer can people in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem just tsk tsk the unfortunate residents of Sderot, Ashekelon and the agricultural villages in Israel's south. The Arabs have unfortunately, and most probably with European and American money improved their weapons.
Intel updates Hamas and PIJ have an arsenal of 400 long range missiles 4 times bigger than estimated. 30-40 destroyed by IAF & 40 used.

Police picture from a garage in Ashdod where a rocket destroyed a car and punched a hole in the wall of a garage. #israelnewslink

Watch the Arabs on Har HaBayit, Temple Mount, celebrating the missile attacks on Israel.

There is a very simple reason for this. The Arabs want to destroy the State of Israel. That is why they are targeting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the country's two most important cities.
  • We will not have true peace until we officially admit that simple truth that the Arabs do not want peace with The State of Israel. 
  • Every peace offer Israel makes to the Arabs just get them angrier and whets their appetite for war and destruction.
  • The American brokered "peace negotiations" for the establishment of a Palestinian State (G-d forbid) is the cause of the recent escalation of attacks by the Arabs. Read the excellent article on Tablet by Lee Smith.
  • Arabs see a Palestinian state as a replacement for the State of Israel, so for them its establishment would herald the beginning of the end for us, G-d forbid.
This shouldn't be too hard to explain, if only the Israeli Government would stop the fairy tale that we can live in peace with the Arabs and the "two state solution" is the way.

Bombing Gaza


yitz said...

The answer, of course, is quite obvious. Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Acco, etc. are all "settlements". There is no difference between the 1948 so-called "nakba" & the 6-Day War to them - it's all Kibush - occupied territory.
And of course, there's no difference between Hamas & Abbas (Fatah). see this:

Anonymous said...

If Bibi's in favour of a 2 state solution then some settlements are bound to be affected even if you yourself live on same settlement and have been going overboard for years in defending your own right to live there.

The majority of Israelis would agree to cede some settlements in exchange for a peace agreement and here's where you get off if ratified.

Batya said...

Yitz has it right but a just isn't listening to the booms.