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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ruby Rivlin, Israel's Newest President, G-d Willing Will Unite Us

The Israeli position of President is different form what a "president" is in most countries. It's supposed to be ceremonial, a figurehead, not a policy maker.

Ruby (Reuven) Rivlin, who has spent decades in the public eye, as a descendant of the the Rivlin for whom Rivlin Street is named, as head of the Betar Jerusalem soccer team, politician, MK, is now the President of Israel.

Rivlin succeeds Shimon Peres who just couldn't take off his "politician hat." Peres is most popular with foreigners, especially Leftist office holders, media and diplomats.

Rivlin and Peres are very different. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that those who are happiest to see Peres go are the same ones who are happiest to see Rivlin in the office. To my mind Peres seemed to be more interested in impressing and pleasing foreigners than relating to ordinary Israelis. Rivlin is thought of a warm, friendly uncle, one of the family.

Especially now during a time of war, tension and stress, we do need a President who can unite us into one loving family.

Go for it Ruby!


Mark said...

Is it possible that you're just a wee bit subjective in your view of these two good men. Just because you agree with one politically and disagree with the other one, is it imperative that you disrespect the one with which you disagree?

Both of these men love Israel and have worked their entire lives for the betterment of Israel. Both have records of great contributions to the Jewish people. I understand that you disagree with one politically, but are you so full of hatred that you cannot respect a great man even whilst disagreeing with him?

I'm afraid you'll answer this with a litany of terrible things done by Mr. Peres. I'll be sorry if you do. Note however, that the sorrow will not be for Mr. Peres, whose place in history does not need defending by shmendriks like me. The sorrow will be for you, whose love of Jews extends only to those with whom she agrees. Please...PLEASE prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mark - are you for real? Every Jew loving Jew feels exactly as Batya does and she was being very diplomatic in her description and feelings. You must be joking.

Mark said...

Dear Anonymous,

"EVERY Jew loving Jew"... so the large section of proud left wing Israelis either agree with Batya or don't really love Jews... REALLY? Thank you for proving my point.

Anonymous said...

You're proving my point. Never knew that a left winger loves anything 'Jewish', as its ideaology is antithesis to Judaism.

Mr. Cohen said...


Batya Medad said...

Peres broke the law as president, but he's coated with Teflon. I really did try to be discrete.

Mark said...

I am sorry for you.