Sunday, July 13, 2014

Should Israel Pay Any Attention to World Opinion?

My answer is simple:

And if that's not enough click for more than five hundred more ways to say "no."

Here's a comment I wrote about the issue:
I've been following politics and the dynamics of it all for well over half a century. One thing I've learned is that the more confident you are and the less you try to please others the more people will admire and respect you.
I have no doubt that "the world" will leave us alone as soon as they realize we don't give a "hoot" what they say and threaten us with.

That's it in a nutshell. The more Israel tries to placate and please others the more demanding they will be.


Franco said...

To pay attention to world opinion doesn't mean to try to please the others or to give in to other people's opinion, it means to do what you think it's right but at the same time and that is what the Israel Government has been doing, defend the justice of your actions on the international media, so that you become protected against defamation and slander. It means to fight the war in both platforms, militar and media. Use the media to expose the evils of your enemy's behaviour. But do it with the truth not with lies. The truth is the most efficient weapon on that. By doing so you will also protect the jewish diaspora. Good luck!

Batya said...

Our policy must be according to what's best for us, for Israel's security and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

"By doing so you will also protect the Jewish diaspora".

I have to admit that I have never understood the justification/understanding of Muslims attacking Jews in the diaspora based on their perceptions of what is happening in Israel. I used to live in a cosmopolitan city, and nobody ever attacked other people based on the numerous conflicts around the world.

And on this subject, the sanitisation of the attempted pogrom in Paris is simply outrageous. A mob of Arabs shouting "death to the Jews", "Hitler was right", with Al Qaida flags, throwing molotov cocktails into a synagogue, has been neatly described as an "anti-Israel demonstration".

Even if you can't read the French, you can see the pictures:

On the one hand, I don't think we should give up the hasbara fight. But on the other hand, it just seems hopeless. This particular case was the attempted murder of hundreds of Jews in a synagogue reminiscent of scenes from the Shoah.This has nothing to do with perceptions of the war, and everything to do with the fact that Islam is a murderous religion, with many adherents who are really not that interested in the truth.

We know the truth of Al-Dura, but does it really matter? In the Muslim mind he is a holy martyr. So yes in the court of world public opinion perceptions matter more than truth. And as we know people see the world not as it is, but as they are.

Batya said...

Hasbara means to explain not kowtow.

Anonymous said...


The world isn't interested iin the truth. Youtube has taken down videos of the Paris attack, as has Facebook. And according to this French website, there has been a near total failure to report on it, and the tiny report of i made it seem that there were just a few intruders who were promptly stopped by the police.

Here you can see the second video, the first was taken down:
The man is saying in French: "the police are letting them do it:

Here you can see the second video, the first was taken down:

Here the video was removed from Facebook

It's not only the physical ware we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back, but the media war too.

Franco said...


I didn't know about the latest developments when I posted my comment. I still believe that a part of the world (the good one!)is interested in the truth, but now I also believe that the time of hasbara is over. I think that it is the beginning of the fulfilment of the part of the prophecies that says: the only Jews who will be safe will be those living in Israel. It sounds like the world war is on it's way. How will it be? Christians against muslims, with islamic infighting between sunnis and shias and extremists and so called moderates? We will see! The spiritual war against evil is to be carried on until the end, but I think only Moschiach will do it, the rest will engage in physical war.

Batya said...

The lesson we must learn from the Holocaust is that the world doesn't give a damn if you'll excuse my bluntness.

Franco said...

Don't victimize yourself!

Batya said...

That's not on the menu.