Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Protective Edge," What a Nebichy Name for Our Military Campaign

There's no "zing," no "fight to the finish" sound and connotation in the title of Israel's latest military operation "Protective Edge." I've been involved in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Hasbara, Israel's Information Campaign for decades, and I consider "Protective Edge" to be one of the worst titles ever. It sounds like the name of a child-safe razor blade.

It suits that favorite Israeli word "ki'ilu," "sort of."

To have an "edge on" something or someone is not to destroy them the way we should be destroying Arab terrorism. This will just temporarily cut them back a bit, like cutting the weeds, so that from it distance it looks like you have a nice lawn.
The Israel Defense Forces announced after midnight Monday that it has launched a major operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The operation has been given the code name "Operation Protective Edge." Jerusalem Post
We need a clear "war aim."

In the meantime, the reports about Arab missile barrages claiming "no damage" are outright lies. Look at this field, burning up from the Gazan Arab terrorist attack. A family has now lost its income, investment.

This photo was sent to me by a resident of that moshav, which for security reasons will remain nameless. 

We must remember that Israeli's in south are in terrible danger with only a maximum of 15 seconds to run to safety. And the Arab terrorists are developing and buying even more dangerous and longer ranging weapon launchers which will expand the number Israelis in their sites, meaning which they can easily target.

We don't need a "protective edge;" we need to destroy our enemies and make them realize that they must stop. They must surrender. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be happening.


Anonymous said...

my thoughts exactly, after almost 40 years in politics and pr, it is truly a "sissy" name, but it suits us at the moment, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

"ve ain nifgaim" = and there were no injured

This is a big lie. A whole generation of Israeli children is growing up with PTSD. On account of miracle after miracle they are whole in their bodies, B"D, but they are emotionally traumatised.

Yesh nifgaim.

Batya said...

a1, suits the government, not the moment
a2, exactly

Anonymous said...

Batya, you might be interested in this interview:


The lawyer of some of the "suspects". He says that at least three of them have absolutely nothing to do with this at all.

NormanF said...

All because Israel can't be bothered to drop a couple of neutron bombs to wipe Gaza off the face of the earth.

War is serious business but they don't seem to teach Clausewitz in Israeli military academies.

A quick victory is far better than a war of attrition. Israel insists on re-fighting the trench warfare of World War I against an inferior foe.

Its insane.

Batya said...

a3, thanks for the link.
Norman, not those bombs, please.

NormanF said...

Why not exactly?

Are Jew-hating Arabs worth the lives of Israeli boys? Or of occupying them?

Its better to clean out Gaza so it can become part of the Jewish homeland.

The Disengagement was a disaster and the hellhole there is simply a breeding ground for the most violent monsters on earth.

Wiping them out would save a lot of lives. Or what's your alternative? The one now underway by Israel. In your nebbish operation, Israel is going to fight half-heartedly, restrain itself out of fake Jewish morality.
And agree to a ceasefire before even the Arabs do. Quiet for quiet, I believe its called.

And Hamas gets to do it all over again. War is a nasty and brutal business. Don't forget the Muslims annihilated the Jews at Khaibar and took Jewish women as their sex slaves after they beheaded the men.
That's the threat you hear around the Middle East these days. And one day, they'll act upon it and then we'll come to the moment of truth.

And you tell me a couple of neutron bombs won't permanently solve the problem? These people are bent upon the genocide of every Jew. Why not do the job clean and right the first time?

If its between the Jews and them - doing whatever is necessary to ensure Jewish survival is proper and justified. History will not give the Jewish people a second chance.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Protective Edge is a Bibiesque wimpout name. His compromise with Lieberman to go to war and to keep Lieberman from joining Bennett was to make the entire op. seem like cloak and dagger. Yes, it is very much like Pillar of Cloud, another cloak and dagger name. This time though, Barak is not the Min. of Defense and Ya'alon is not receiving his rules of Engagement from the Quartet or from obama.

Both Bennett and Lieberman have a gun to Bibi's head. They have seen this before too.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ah but to be fair, in Hebrew it is Tzuk Eitan: a Sheer faced Cliff. Sounds better in Hebrew as long as we throw the enemy off the cliff.

Batya said...

Norman wouldn't those bombs endanger us all?
DBL yes good points.
I thank you both for your comments.

yitz said...

Tzuk Eitan was referred to this morning as "Solid Rock," where did this ridiculous "Protective Edge" come from? Maybe the JPost made it up???

Batya said...

Yitz, that translation is easy to turn into a dirty joke, too. It's a "stand still" concept, not a wipe out the enemies.