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Sunday, July 27, 2014

IDF Morale, Soldiers Feel Happy and Proud

We keep hearing of injured soldiers who keep begging to be allowed back on the front-lines to finish the job of destroying our enemies.

A friend posted this on facebook:
A commander in the paratroopers, who returned from battle yesterday, requested that the following be publicized: "Explain to everybody that we're winning every battle, at every point, in every encounter. The soldiers are absorbing this melancholy spirit from the social networks and don't understand what the situation really is. Of course it's hard, complicated, they use children as a wall against us, but we are succeeding and overcoming Hamas. Please, pass this message on, explain, spread this there. We, soldiers of the IDF, are simply winning."
I had an interesting conversation recently with a called-up reservist who said that he was writing skits for short movies to give a spiritual lift to the IDF soldiers. The entertainment he and his unit are producing isn't just for laughs.

And as I posted the other day, even the families of the wounded want us to finish the job. I'll never forget the mother of an injured soldier who was asked what message she had for her other son who is out fighting.
"Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah! סיים את המשימה"

May they do their jobs well and return home safe and sound, G-d willing.


Anonymous said...

I just pray that all our soldiers and officers will return home whole and unharmed. Everything is in the merit of prayer, because unfortunately our officials are still giving the orders to put the lives of Arabs above that of our soldiers and officers.


Also note when praying it is important to be specific and say "soldiers and officers".

Batya Medad said...