Monday, July 28, 2014

Those Tunnels, The Dangers

The most shocking thing revealed during this war, which should be called Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah!סיים את המשימה, is the advanced, dangerous and surprising to our military experts, sophistication of the tunnels the Hamas Gazan Arab terrorists have constructed going into Israel. No doubt they got lots of professional help from all sorts of NGO's which claim to be for "peaceful aims."

There are a few short videos going around which give an idea of what they are used for. They are not for smuggling in drugs or refugees. They have been designed and constructed to facilitate the invasion of terrorist soldiers, equipped like in the most advanced and affluent armies.  Watch:

That's why the tunnels must be destroyed!

And at the same time we have to attack and destroy Gaza until they surrender, and we must demand the total dismantling of UNWRA which has been supporting the Arab terrorists in their attacks on Israel. The terrorists want the State of Israel to be destroyed, so there's no way to negotiate with them.

Stop dreaming!  Israel also must state very clearly that the "two state solution" is not to be. We cannot have a terror state in our midst. Remember that the P.A.'s Abbas joined forces with Hamas just before all the crisis and kidnapping of the three Jewish teenagers began.

The Jewish Month of Av began today. May it truly be a menachem Av, the Month of comfort and victory, not of destruction.


Leah said...

Batya, i keep praying that our soldiers and citizens will be safe and the enemy will be wiped out.
I am praying that we finish this mission to Hashem's approval. Please Netanyahu be strong!
What is the current word?(I do not trust the tishkoret, so I search blogs like yours...
Are you hearing that they will go for the rocket launchers, too or just tunnels? Or???

Anonymous said...

These tunnels are a little 'too' professional and sophisticated for the likes of the pseudogazans. Surely needed much help with building them.

Batya said...

Leah, the Israeli bombing in Gaza, among the schools, UNWRA etc are for the launchers.
a, I agree 1,000 percent.