Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quiet in Shuafat, Beit Chanina, East Jerusalem, Thank G-d

Late this morning went down to the bus stop in Shiloh to get to Jerusalem, but the bus didn't come... so I hitched a ride, actually two. One after another. And that second ride was to Jerusalem. As usual, I asked where and how, meaning which route. The driver said that he was hoping to take the Benzion Netanyahu Road which goes through the Arab neighborhoods where the rioting had been these past few days.
"I checked and was told it was open and quiet," he said.
Considering that he would take me close to where I needed to go and said that if the road looked bad, he'd go the other way, so I stayed in the car.

The driver was right. The streets were empty, and so were the sidewalks. The road was totally clear.

We had a very quick and pleasant drive. He dropped me off a short walk from the Israel Museum, which I'll, bli neder, write about another day on me-ander. B"H, thank G-d things were quiet.


goyisherebbe said...

That was about what I expected. It's mostly a Christian Arab area there. You see Orthodox churches on the way.

Batya said...

The heavy violence was closer to French Hill. It's all a relatively upscale neighborhood. But there had been awful violence and the road had been closed.
During Ramadan things are generally quieter in the mornings and don't get active and wild until after dark and people have eaten.