Thursday, July 10, 2014

Heard at the Pool: Arabs Attacking Jews up North and More...

There's nothing like the talk at the local swimming pool to let me know what's really happening in Israel and the mood of  "the people."

My neighbors have family all over the country, and news reaches them which may purposely be kept out of the media. Today's media messages are that the public is strong and patient and wants to let the IDF stop the attacks against us.

The most jarring note was when a reporter asked one of the military experts if the Gazan public had begun to break, to complain to their "government."  I just choked.
"Duh?!? Do they really expect such a thing to happen?"
Honestly, I don't expect the Arabs in Gaza to act like Jews in Tel Aviv or Beersheva. Unlike previous attacks against us, when government officials called those leaving their homes weak, disloyal wimps today I heard that it's perfectly acceptable for people to take a "vacation." There were even official complaints that some border communities insisted on staying home, rather than "relocating."

Torched car in Qalansawe (Photo: Hassan Shaalan) Ynet
In another incident in Qalansawe, another vehicle with two Jewish civilian inside was attacked. The two, who were also asked whether they were Jewish, managed to escape but sustained light injuries and damage was caused to their vehicle.
But what I didn't hear on television was about the Arab and Druse attacks on Jews, the violence in northern Israel and other parts of the country which aren't from Gazan rockets. My neighbors reported that the police have been totally ineffective in protecting innocent Jews. They are afraid to take a strong stand. The Arab terrorist rocket attacks from Gaza have emboldened the worst of the anti-Israeli elements in Israeli-Arab society. It's very hard to find this information in the official media. Policy setters don't want Israeli Jews to be suspicious of Arabs.

Israeli police secure a street during clashes with Palestinian protesters (unseen) in the Arab Israeli city of Nazareth, northern Israel , July 5, 2014. (photo credit: Gil Eliyahu/Flash90)

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As long as Israel tries too hard for peace and doesn't show determination to destroy Arab terrorism, the Israeli Arabs will think it's in their best interest to sympathize with the terrorists. That's for them being pragmatic. Israeli Police and Judicial should show zero tolerance for all attacks against Jews!


Devorah Chayah said...

Yeah. They are emboldened and are using body language even to intimidate and harass Jews, like crowding behind you in line. Tossing things into the trash that just miss your face and laughing. Street cleaners are sweeping at your feet. Bumping into you in purpose, etc.

Anonymous said...

Batya forgive me for digressing on your blog, but here goes:

A few days ago a French school teacher was stabbed to death by the mother of one of her pupils, in front of the classe.Her motive: "the teacher spoke harshly to her daughter".

The name of the mother: Rashida Bendjedid

The first thing the French Education Minister said that it was an isolated incident. The second, that the attacker has psychological problems.

Leah said...

Topsy turvy thinking and behaving. It is crazy making.

Anonymous said...

I think they know alright, otherwise why would the protestation be so prompt and so insistent, as it was.

It's a horrible culture/religion, and it's main source of power is it's oil reserves. B"D once that is gone, they can return to their sand dunes, and just kill each other, which they are so good at doing.

Batya said...

The police tried to call the terror attack in which I was injured "an accident." With the support of the late David Bar Illan Editor of the Jerusalem Post we showed it was a terror attack.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, all at the top know there can never be peace with them and they want to kill every single Jew. Why should it be surprising or shocking that 'Israeli arabs& druze' are attacking. When the Torah says, they will be thorns in yours sides and thistles in your eyes; that's it -it is the ULTIMATE Truth and everyone better believe it.

Batya said...

yes, true