Hamas War

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Parshat Pinchas Havel Havelim

I hope that nobody finds this too "political," but I'm calling this edition of Havel Havelim Pinchas for more reasons that the fact that the Torah Portion Pinchas was read today in shul... G-d willing...

Paula created this HH logo, and I think it's better suited for the present war than the one usually used,
which she also designed..

I really didn't want to call this a war edition, because I'm not quite sure when the war began, and it has been going on too long. Pinchas was a strong Biblical personality who saw things in black and white. When there was something unpleasant to do, execute public sinners, he did it. And he didn't call for a committee meeting first or ask what the goyim would say. G-d rewarded him by elevating him to be a Kohen, a Priest.

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Here are the posts for this week. Some were sent in to me and other I've added.
What’s New in JerusalemRed sirens any time day or night, rockets lobbed at Israeli civilians and see what a walk about in Jerusalem, Israel found.
The mystery of English place names in Israel - SOLVED. The mystery of English place names in Israel... solved at last!
Things that are weird in Israel #9: bathroom windows: What is it about bathrooms? This post shot up to the #4 most popular post on my site in under 24 hours.
English - Hebrew Civil Defense Vocabulary
Rabbi Eliyokim Levanon: Lost In Translation?
No Such Thing as a Coincidence
Parashat Pinchas: The meaning of compassion by Daniel Pinner
The Turtledove War: The Process of Kolot (Voices) in the 6th Year
Leave “International Law” to the Internationals. I’ll Take The Torah!
It's No Way to Fight a War
Walking Around the Israel Museum, Something totally unrelated to war. Enjoy!
What is NOT Allowed When Israel is Being Attacked
Always Good to Pray, Rosh Chodesh Women's Prayer Group at Tel Shiloh. Save the date.
If "The Settlements" sic are The Problem, Why are The Arabs Attacking Tel Aviv? Just one of my "dumb questions."
Stop The Disproportionate War! Cease Warning Gazans!!!
An Israeli in New York III
Helping kids deal with rocket attacks on Israel
Protecting More than the Edge

A siren is heard in the United Nations Security Council, hat tip A Soldier's Mother.

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