Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not So Fast!

by Yitz of Jerusalem

While the worldwide mainstream media has been very quick to label the murder of an Arab, found this morning in the Jerusalem forest, as a "revenge" killing, there are indications otherwise.

The Muqata quoted IDF Radio:
"The investigation is looking in all directions now, but according to IDF radio, it would seem the boy was kidnapped due to "honor struggles" within the boy's family. His 7-year-old brother was the victim of an alleged kidnapping last week, reinforcing claims that the kidnapping is not based on revenge/nationalistic bias, but due to criminal intent within the family. The police reportedly have suspects in custody under interrogation."

Here is a public statement from Yishai Frenkel, uncle of murdered teen, Naftali (translated from the Hebrew):
"We don't know exactly what transpired tonight in East Jerusalem and the incident is under investigation by the police. Regardless, if in fact the Arab youth was murdered for a nationalistic reason, then that act is shocking and bloodcurdling. There is no difference between blood. Murder is murder regardless of nationality. There is no justification. No forgiveness and no atonement for murder."

JUST IN: Arutz-7 exclusive:
Senior Official: Arab Teen's Murder Criminal, not Nationalistic
Ex-police official says teen's murder likely inside job, condemns 'irresponsible' reaction of officials blaming Jews.
A senior former police official argues that the abduction and murder of the Arab youth who was found dead Wednesday morning was most likely a criminal act, rejecting the claim that Jewish "revenge" for the murdered Israeli teens lay behind it.
The official noted that the family of the murdered 16-year-old was well known to police sources in Jerusalem, adding "it's a problematic family with internal clashes that have been ongoing for many years."
"I have no doubt that as time passes it will be clarified that the murder was criminal and nothing more," declared the official, who spoke to Arutz Sheva on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the Arabs have been rioting and throwing pipe bombs like crazy. Just look at these headlines:
16:23 -- 2 More Pipe Bombs Thrown at Police Officers
16:06 -- Arab Youth Arrested for Attacking Light Rail Guard
15:49 -- Second to Jerusalem Mayor Condemns Murder of Arab Youth
15:41 -- Riots in Shuafat: Light Rail Station Set on Fire
15:11 -- Molotov Cocktails, Pipe Bomb Thrown at Police Officers
15:00 -- Jerusalem: Israeli Journalist Wounded By Shooting in East Jerusalem

Similarly, at another site:
Palestinian hurl more explosive devices at Israeli police - 4:13 PM
France's Fabius: horror at Arab teen's death - 3:11 PM
US Consulate urges vigilance amid Jerusalem clashes - 2:05 PM
Netanyahu: Killing of Arab teen abominable - 1:09 PM
Abbas demands Netanyahu’s condemnation - 12:41 PM

NOTE how quick Europe condemned it, and Abbas demanded a condemnation, compared to what happened when the Jewish boys were kidnapped and murdered!


Anonymous said...

Immediately when reading about the killing of an Arab child (kidnapping, etc.), automatically, it is understood that it is of their own doing. Usually 'honor' killings, or even outright murder to give the impression that the Jews are avenging the real murders of Jews. Who with an IQ above '10' doesn't get it yet? With an extremely leftist Jew-hating media, the impression given is always, 'it's the fault of the religious Jews. They really think that everyone is that stupid - well, too many are if they believe all the garbage.

yitz said...

Anon, you're right but unfortunately not too many people out there are thinking...

An interesting update today:
"In a little-noticed report on Channel Two Wednesday night, analyst and reporter Moshe Nussbaum presented information which could upend the police inquiry into the murder of Muhammad Abu Khadr, the Beit Hanina youth whose burned body was found in the Jerusalem Forest early Wednesday.
In the report, Nussbaum cites contradictory statements by the youth's parents, who both told police different stories about another attempted kidnapping – that of Muhammad's nine year old brother – that may or may not have taken place."
See the rest, here.

Batya said...

Yitz I am glad to have you on the team. Thank you.

Devorah Chayah said...

Does anyone else wonder how they found him so fast?