Monday, July 7, 2014

Terrifying! Israel's South Under Attack, Alerts Near Jerusalem

Dozens of missiles, weapons of destruction have been launched into Southern Israel in the past couple of hours. Besides that, Arabs (and/or Bedouin) have been attacking cars and property in the south. For many Israelis it's life under siege. The Israeli television news was horrifying. Arabs are throwing bricks at cars; people are being injured.

Why do the pictures of the damage look so cold and antiseptic?  Where are the injured people I saw on tv? (photo Jerusalem Post)

When are we actually going to call this a war? And when are we going to fight to the finish and make our enemies admit to total surrender?

Innocent Israelis are suffering! Friends of mine wrote:
We had multiple sirens and heard many booms. The iron dome took out 3 missile in front of my house. A small fire started in the yishuv. We are okay, but our poor dog is still shaking.. I have 7 grandchildren living on the yishuv...Since the day they were born..all they know is terror. Why?
OM Gosh! We just had one In BEIT SHEMESH! My daughter heard they had it also in Efrat. ynet is reporting it was a false alarm but do false alarms go boom? 
Over 100 missiles serious physical injures and no death B"H. But many residents are suffering from emotional stress..this is a real injury. May Hashem continue to protect us. 
Why can't we act like any other country and fight our enemies without always wondering what other people will say?

Is the State of Israel an independent country or an orphaned protectorate?


Leah said...

May Hashem protect you and all klal Yisrael. I am davening and saying tehillim. We need to continue thr achdut. Hashem please please please bring Moshiach! Now

Anonymous said...

Batya, why do you link to this DovBear person who is bending over backwards to reach moral equivalence between both murder incidents?

BTW, I just read this article that says Arabs (20% of the population) commit upwards of two thirds of all murders in Israel.

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Miriam said...

Batya, thank-you for posting this important blog.

You have such a large readership.It is very important that people know what life is like in our country and how we are affected when terror rains.

We have had so many missiles without any serious physical injures and no death B"H. But many residents are suffering from emotional stress..this is a real injury. May Hashem continue to protect us.


Unknown said...
Are the Arabs Stronger than Israel?
Something has to change.
Published: Monday, July 07, 2014
By Giulio Meotti
The crematoria had hardly cooled when the Arab world launched a jihad on Holocaust survivors. The Palestinian Arabs have not succeded in this genocidal project and Israel is still on the map.
But have we really reflected on what happenedduring the abduction and execution of the three Israeli teens?
For one month, an entire nation was humiliated by a small gang of Arab terrorists. They had just a few guns, an old car and lot of anti-Jewish hatred. Against them, Israel used its famous army, its secret service, its special units and even brigades of volunteers, who later found the bodies.
The three teens weren’t killed in Gaza, but a few kilometers from Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.
The young Arabs killed three students who were among the bravest children of the Jewish nation, three teens who had no fear of the Arabs but reclaimed the land as theirs.
Israel has nuclear bombs and can send agents to liquidate enemies all over the world. Israel will not be destroyed by terror. But these Arab terrorists have been able to inflict damage to Israel which is more devastating than most of Israel’s operations against terror.
The world believes that Israel is the stronger side in the conflict, the side with the military, the technology, the money, the knowledge base, the capacity to use force, the friendship and alliance with the United States— and that before it stands a pitifully weak people claiming its rights.
But the story of the abduction in Gush Etzion proves otherwise.
And so do the stories of the twenty teenagers who were blown up by a suicide bomber outside a disco in Tel Aviv, the story of the reservists who made a wrong turn and were dismembered in Ramallah, the story of the rabbi who was assassinated trying to save the Torah scrolls at Joseph’s Tomb, the story of the Jewish pilgrims who were executed while coming back home from Shabbat prayers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron, the story of the kindergarten teacher killed when a minibus was attacked by Arab gunmen.
Television programs and newspapers always show pictures of Palestinian Arab demonstrators armed with only stones confronting Israeli tanks. Israel has long portrayed itself as little David standing up to the Goliath of Arab armies; but now it is perceived as Goliath, not David. This is not true: the strong Zionists are still the vulnerable David. The terrorists who killed the students in Gush Etzion made fun of the famous army, Tsahal, deployed to search in front of them.
I perceive the Jewish position as being painfully analogous to the situation that prevailed in the 1930s. Nothing in the scenario has really changed.
Instead of the Germans, we now have the Arabs. In place of Nazism, we face the ideology of the PLO and Islam. The historical link between Adolf Hitler and Yasser Arafat’s henchmen is direct, the objectives with respect to the Jewish people identical. The principles of Nazism have found their historical continuity in the Palestinian Arab anti-Semitism.
It is like during the Nazi period, when the Germans were able to exterminate the entire European Jewry with a few thousands guards, dogs and Zyklon B canisters.
Avraham Shalom, the former Shin Bet head who passed away a few days ago, once said: “In the war against terror, forget about morality”. The Arabs understand that lesson. The IDF does not That is why the Arabs are winning the terror war

Batya said...

Leah, Miriam, thanks.
a2, Inna, interesting, thanks
a1, There are a variety of blogs on my blog roll, and I don't agree with all of them. They have been chosen for various reasons.