Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Peres and Herzog Totally Re-Writing History

Barely twenty-four hours after hearinBassam Eid of Activists for Human Rights in the Palestinian Authority at the Israel Advocacy Seminar run by David Bedein, with the assistance of Gail Winston and the "Winston Israel News" in memory of her late husband Manny, I heard former President Shimon Peres and soon after him, Issak Herzog, head of the Israeli opposition and Leftist Labor Party leader on television spouting the exact opposite.

Now, what did Bassam Eid say? 

Bassam Eid ended his talk saying that the Arabs of Gaza and the Arabs of the West Bank are not the same. They don't have the same customs, accent etc. The two groups shouldn't be considered as one.

Isaac Herzog and Shimon Peres Photo: Mark Neiman/GPO
And what did I hear from Peres and Herzog*?  

They claim that Mahmoud Abbas should be ruling both "the west bank" and Gaza. Somehow Gaza was taken away from him. 

There are a few very peculiar things here. One is that Bassam Eid is an Arab who calls himself a Palestinian, and he does not consider Gaza as part of the west bank/Palestine. If the Arabs really consider it all one "people," then I think that Eid would know and make the point. But his point is that Gazans are separate/different.  I wonder how many of you consider that rather interesting and can be proof of...  (Please comment if that makes you begin to wonder...)

*It's clear that Peres and Herzog's statements about Gaza being politically part of the "west bank" on the same day were no coincidence. When I was looking for a photo of the two of them, I found one that illustrated an article in the Jerusalem Post that stresses the close connection between the two men. It even calls Peres the "mentor" of Herzog. That doesn't surprise me especially considering what Herzog also said on television. Very much in the mold of Shimon Peres he did his best to undermine Prime Minister Netanyahu talking of how he would do a much better job running the war.

This war isn't yet over, and the Left has begun to campaign against the government.


Hadassa said...

The Arabs in Gaza are mostly from Egypt and the Arabs in the so called "West Bank" are mostly from Jordan. Look at a map to figure out how that happened. Being as Jordan is a relatively new country carved out by the British the Jordanian Arabs not really Jordanian either.

Anonymous said...

Hadassah is absolutely right, but not surprising about these two bozos who are out to destroy Jewish Israel and make it part of the Arab region. Any Arab who will tell the truth will tell you they are all part of the same arab nation. Just think Esav/Edom + Yishmael + Erev Rav vs. Yehudim!

Batya said...

Yes Hadassa. Until not all that long ago the Arabs refered to this region as southern Syria

NormanF said...

Apparently Peres and Herzog are unaware the Arabs of Judea and Samaria and Gaza have no wish to live in the same country.

While the Left claims to be against racism, it decides what is best for the Arabs.

Go figure.

Batya said...

I doubt if Peres and Herzog really care what the Arabs really think. The Leftists always say they know what the Arabs will do if only Israel would...
Actually listing to the Arabs isn't on their menu.