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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gazan War, Up Close and Personal

This may be is a very different situation war to anything Americans, especially American Jews can imagine. First of Israel is a very small country. The United States hasn't had an actual war on its territory, affecting its major cities and civilians since... the Civil War. That was a hundred and fifty years ago, and it only affected the south which had seceded from the United States in an attempt to establish an independent country. Abraham Lincoln, who was then the United States President declared war to reunite the country, which he successfully did.

The State of Israel is suffering from a very different type of war, danger and enemy. It's something European countries may relate to if they would open their eyes and minds.

The Gazan Hamas Arab terrorists have been bombarding many of Israel's major cities, Beersheva, Ashkelon and even Tel Aviv in order to destroy the State of Israel. That is the simple truth. A very large portion of Israel's population and agricultural land is in that vulnerable section more than half of the country.

That's a very serious danger to ordinary Israelis and the existance of the State of Israel. That's why Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not only backed for his ground offensive against Gaza, but even parents of soldiers are encouraging the government to do everything to wipe out our enemies until they surrender.

My friends in the south not only hear and feel both sides of the battles, but they spend a lot of time in their shelters.
Good morning..what a night! Very, very noisy night. Jets screeching over head, sometimes it felt like it was scraping our roof, booming from Aza [good noise] we are getting those terrorist...Many sirens in the South [bad noise] the silent station Radio Darom, just kept on going on and on. Have a safe day.Am Israel Chai forever!

Agreed that we have the military capability; however motivation to fight the war is another issue entirely. The current military operational aim is two-fold: 1) destroy tunnels used for terrorism and 2)significantly reduce infrastructure in Gaza.
Its 02:07,I just finished a cup of coffee with my mother's yummy cookies. The bombing from Aza is so strong my house is shaking like a leaf. Several times the front door rattled so hard,I honestly thought someone was trying to get in. Between the heavy tank fire, the non stop air traffic and the massive bombing from the IAF, its really impossible to sleep. But......all that said, IDF..... go get them!
Not being able to sleep is the least of our problems. The tunnels being discovered are horrifying!
Just imagine G-D forbid what can happen.... We the proud residents of the south can do without sleep, we need long term security.
"Be strong and brave our dear soldiers!"
"חזק ואמץ חיילי צבא הגנה לישראל!"
We want the terror tunnels and the rocket infrastructure to be totally destroyed.

Terror Tunnels

May G-d give true wisdom to our leaders and accuracy to our weapons.


Anonymous said...

These 'wars' are a sad joke; instead of just finishing off the enemy, it continues at the expense of precious Jewish lives. It should be conducted by air - only. Moshiach is the only answer, as no leadership is to be found, otherwise.

Batya Medad said...

a, the Moshiach will come when we're ready and fighting our enemies is part of the prep.

debbyfayga said...

The tunnels should be flooded with water from the Mediterranean Sea, and drown all of them

Batya Medad said...

Better to destroy them

Leah said...

I.pray you are all safe. You are all in my prayers, my wonderful brothers and sisters! We are davening and saying tehillim from our hearts and souls. May we defeat this thorn filled enemy oncr and for all. May our precious.soldiers be safe! They are the sons and daughters of mothers and fathers and relatives.
May this war bring an ultimate end to evil and may we see a time when peace TRULY is on earth.

Batya Medad said...

thanks and amen

Anonymous said...

For decades Bibi's been pleading with world leaders to take out Iran's nuke sites.

Is Bibi so near-sighted that he didn't see the Hamas rockets and tunnels building under his own nose?

Batya Medad said...