Sunday, July 13, 2014

Israel's Secret Weapon!

Too many people judge Israel's guilt or innocence according to the amount of wounded and dead we have in these "military conflicts." As a daily blogger I have complained (on facebook) about how hard it is to get "good pictures" of damage and injury in Israel of Israelis. The Arabs are just so photogenic and love to shove blood and gore into the camera.


Photo by WAFA

Rockets from Gaza seen over central Israel
Flash 90
Shrapnel lands in greater Tel Aviv area, July 10, 2014. Photo by Itay Meirson

International media just love to show the suffering Arabs, while all we have to show is a burning field and scratched up car, broken windows, toys, some fallen shrapnet and the trail of the Iron Dome taking out the missiles before they can land. Thank G-d, yes, thank G-d for the fact that not more Israelis have been injured and killed. And thank G-d for those "timings" when the camp or the nursery school or the stores or the kitchen was hit and destroyed just as the children or family weren't there.

Israel has a secret weapon:
G-d Almighty!
Yes, the One True G-d loves us, despite our flaws and sins and foolishness and awful politicians and disloyal doubting media.

Personally, I think that the name the Israeli PR hasbara staff gave our retaliation to the potentially deadly rockets the Gazan Arab terrorists are constantly bombarding us with, Operation Protective Edge, is limp at best and the so-called "war aim" to just return to a status quo ceasefire is a dangerous mistake. We've been through this too many times before, and it just gives the Arab terrorists time to further perfect their weapons. Then they always start aiming and launching at us again. And each time their reach is further. Now almost the entire country can be targeted and damaged and potentially, innocent Israelis could be murdered or injured, G-d forbid. How long will G-d protect us and swerve the rockets to save us?

Since G-d is our only true ally, let's stop checking for United States or United Nations approval and destroy the entire terrorist missile network and infrastructure. There is nobody to please other than G-d, so let's just do it!!

Right wing Israelis protest following an air raid siren warning of a rocket attack in Tel Aviv, July 12, 2014. 


Rickismom said...

My son wrote a post which was misinterpretted.... the reaction of some of his "friends", rather than politly ask "why?" or "are you nuts?"" was "death to the leftists". I posted a note saying that my son' post was surely not meant the way it sounded... and urging my son to realize that as he lives in the US, to be more careful to not give the wrong impression....that he needed to be sure that his support of the army be clear.
Anyway then his "friends" attacked me, basically saying how as someone "orthodox and neturei karta" (me???!? LOL)I had no right to voice an opinion. When I replied that I was not anti-Israel, they continued to belittle me, and all this with obviously not gaving read what I had written (as is SSOO common on-line).

Why am I writing all this? Because we Jews have a chance to unite and try to seek solutions. Yes we sometimes disagree on some points... but if we want G-d's protection we have to act like Jews to our fellow Jews and not like arabs who hate their opponents.
I agree that we need to be less fearfill of the world's opinion... but we can not ignore it completely either.

Batya said...

rm, I've been following politics and the dynamics of it all for well over half a century. One thing I've learned is that the more confident you are and the less you try to please others the more people will admire and respect you.
I have no doubt that "the world" will leave us alone as soon as they realize we don't give a "hoot" what they say and threaten us with.