Monday, July 7, 2014

No Parallel, Similarity between Murders of Eyal, Naftali and Gil-Ad with that of Mohammed

It may make good politics and media op for Jerusalem Mayor's politically correct joint phone call with family members of both Jewish and Arab victims, but I find the act very offensive.
During his condolence call at Nof Ayalon, Barkat spoke with Naftali Frankel’s uncle, Yishai, and, by telephone, with Abu Khdeir’s father, Hussein.
Speaking “in the name of the citizens of Jerusalem,” Barkat expressed to Hussein his shock “over the horrible and barbaric slaying of his son,” a statement from his office said. (Algemeiner)
funeral of 3 Jewish teens
The arrest of Jews for the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir has everyone I know feeling physically ill and completely baffled, while there were great celebrations in Arab towns and villages all over the night the three Jewish teenagers were kidnapped and murdered.

Avishai Raviv
And we still don't know if the arrested Jews are really guilty. In the corner of my mind I keep hearing the name "Avishai Raviv," the Shabak agent who had a very long career egging on Right wing Jewish teens to further extremism culminating in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, and I wonder what is really behind this murder if it was really by Jews.

The Jerusalem Post now reports that one Jew has confessed, and we are waiting for facts.

Before equating the murders we must hear the same sorts of condemnation from Arabs of all walks of life about the murder of Jews as we hear from Jews about the murder of an Arab. That would be a sign that they are getting closer, but words aren't enough. While Jews are sick at the idea that there could possibly be a Jew willing and capable of such a murder, we have not heard any equivalent reactions from Arabs. That's all further proof that we are very far from true peace. There is no equivalency between the murders!


Leah said...

I think it is a blood libel.

I do not believe for one minute that Jews did or *could* have murdered the Arab boy.

here's the scenario we are supposed to believe - a group of Jews went into an Arab town/neighborhood when all the Arabs are sitting around outside after Rammadan services at the mosque. (this is when it is a risk of life for Jews to enter Arab towns even to shop at the suk, or to even drive through Arab towns without stopping.) these Jews stop their car, talk to an Arab boy for a few minutes, force him into their car, and amazingly get out alive. no Arabs stop them, attack them, etc.

then it turns out that the boy was not just murdered but *burned alive*. and you are telling me that Jews would EVER do such a thing?

now - if the boy had been abducted while he was walking in downtown Jerusalem; and if he had been shot, not burned alive; then it would be possible to suspect Jews. but the above-mentioned MO *screams* that it was Arabs not Jews who did this.

add to this the fact that someone tried to abduct the boy's younger brother a few weeks ago; and that this is a "problematic family" that is "known to the police" - all points to the much-more-likely probability that this was an inter-clan vendetta. or the fact that he was apparently homosexual raises the possibility of an "honor killing". these scenarios are much more likely than the PREPOSTEROUS accusation of Jews.

however, after it is proven that the boy was killed by Arabs, the many news articles "suspecting Jews" will stick around on the internet forever. like Mohammed El Dura.

and regarding alleged "confessions" - in this case the Jewish "suspects", some of them minors, have been interrogated not just by the police but by the Shabak, which has refused to let them talk to their attorneys. do you know what that means? innocent people have "confessed" to things they didn't do, with less pressure.

Anonymous said...

Just to strengthen what you're saying:

The Arab leadership promotes, educates and calls for the murder of Jews, chalila, and as such, the murders of Ayal, Naftali and Gilad was the achievement of their stated goal, accompanied by the general Arab celebration of the kidnap and murders. On the other hand, if (and this is a huge IF) the Arab boy was murdered by Jews, this would be a complete aberration of our values, education and legal system, and would be treated as such.

I have to add, that in the meantime, the Jewish boys have only been accused, not convicted of the crime. They have been denied legal representation, and any confession in these circumstances screams "suspect".And yes it all does seem a little too convenient. As if the powers that be were so shocked by the unity generated by the kidnap and murders of our boys, that they had to fabricate something this ghastly to neutralise it.

Batya said...


Anonymous said...

What a pleasure reading such sensible comments, B'H!

Sammy Finkelman said...

Leah >> after Rammadan services at the mosque

I believe this was before Ramadan services at the mosque (but after his breakfast, which had been at 3:30 am.

>> someone tried to abduct the boy's younger brother a few weeks ago; and that this is a "problematic family" that is "known to the police"

>> the fact that he was apparently homosexual

Everyone seems to agree this is a lie - but that somebody should circulate such a lie is another peculiarity.

Too much about this is still secret

>> in the meantime, the Jewish boys have only been accused, not convicted of the crime

I am reminded of the Central Park jogger case in New York. It may be too easy to extract a confession in a "Prisoner's dilemma" type of situation. That works even if nobody is guilty's_dilemma

Sammy Finkelman said...

A line got left out. Regarding the alleged previous attempted kidnappings, I meant to say that too much about this is still secret. I don't know if these claims are untrue.

Batya said...

Sammy, so true

Anonymous said...

i just hope that when all the facts are out , if as likely it proves to be jewish hooligans , that those in denial will declare 'chatati'.

if the perpetrators are of the street , living in herzl's state kechol hagoyim , devoid of tora, then we can explain it ... i just pray they are not dati'im , because such a chillul hashem will be irreperable....

Anonymous said...

and i recommend joining with responsible bloggers and voices in condemning jewish terror

as many listed above have done...

Batya said...

a, I haven't sinned by finding it incomprehensible that a Jew could kill like that. You got one thing right; they are "hooligans." If that Jewish group is really guilty, they aren't Right wing ideologues; they are motivated by anger and hate.

Sammy Finkelman said...

BM> In the corner of my mind I keep hearing the name "Avishai Raviv,"

Me, too, especially since it was the Shin Bet demanding all this secrecy. That, and the Central Park jogger case.

The thing about that was, they really were part of a group of teenagers who assaulted people.

Just not that woman, and they didn't have anything to do with that rape.