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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is it True That The Gazan Terrorists Don't Have Allies?

Of course, all Shabbat people kept talking about the war, the situation in the south, our soldiers etc. I kept hearing a very interesting point.
Gaza hasn't any allies. No other country is joining them nor wiling to give their citizens refuge.
That's true.

Even though many countries and international bodies find it disturbing that so many more Gazans have been killed or injured than Israelis, at least no other country has joined the Gazans to fight us. The Egyptians are trying to isolate them. The last thing Egypt needs are Gazan Hamas terrorists. Jordan wants them even less. Those countries know that even accepting civilians, women and children can destabilize their societies.

  • Remember that one of the reasons for the high casualty rate in Gaza is because building shelters isn't on their list of priorities.
  • Remember that the Gazans store weapons in schools, hospitals and other locations filled with children.
  • Remember that the Gazans build their rocket/weapon launchers in civilian centers to purposely endanger their civilians.
An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires towards the Gaza Strip July 19, 2014. 


NormanF said...


Hamas has Iran, Qatar and the Turks in its corner.

Its not exactly without friends.

That's why its pressing hard for a hudna in which it gets to keep its rockets and tunnels.

Right now, it still has plenty of weapons and is not interested in a ceasefire unless its sure its going to lose.

Batya Medad said...

Norman, good points, thanks