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Sunday, July 27, 2014

אֵלֶּה מַסְעֵי "These are the Stops" and These are this Week's Blog Posts in Havel Havelim

In terms of Weekly Torah Portions, we've just finished the Book of Bamidbar, In The Desert aka Numbers, but here in the Holyland, there is still a war going on. I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate on putting together this edition of Havel Havelim.

Please make my efforts and the efforts of all of the bloggers included worthwhile by sharing this post far and wide. Sharing means to send the link to lots of people. It also means to read the posts, comment and share them individually, too, please and thank you.

Havel Havelim is the weekly international Jewish blog carnival. A blog carnival is an internet magazine. Havel Havelim is well over a decade old and has been floating around the internet from blog to blog ever since Soccer Dad, who no longer blogs, started it. We now organize ourselves and communicate via our facebook page. If you need more information contact me by email with "HH" or "HH Info" as subject shilohmuse at gmail dot com . Next week's host is Tzivia, Adventures in Aliyahland submit before Shabbat to tzivia@aliyahland.com. Please send her your link (from this week) with a blurb/short explanation, thanks.

You don't need to be a blogger to enjoy, read and share Havel Havelim!!"
Just to make things clear, I don't necessarily agree with everything in the posts included here. The International Jewish blogging community includes a great variety of opinions. Bloggers, if you want to be included, please send your link to the host of the week. Otherwise there's little chance we'll find you. Enough with the explanations; on with the show!

12 Jerusalem Scenes with Israel Under Fire, "So much more going on that media does not share or show."
Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah! סיים את המשימה
ILLUMINATIONS OF RAV KOOK-HARAV HA’NAZIR AND THE SCROLL OF WAR AND PEACE, In the aftermath of the Holocaust and during the brutal battles of the 1948 Israel War of Independence, HaRav HaNazir TZ”L was moved to write a document that he called “The Scroll of War and Peace.”
The Lowest of the Low: Who We're Really Dealing With
MK Elazar Stern's "Kosher Style" Restaurants!
Only in Israel: About 20,000 Attend Funeral of Sean Carmeli, HaYa"D, Lone Soldier
Shiva for Sean Carmeli, "Sderot, Beer Sheva, and a hero's shiva. Way to cram in a ton of emotion in a single day... but then, that's Israel, sometimes."
Jews in America! Get on the Next Plane while you still Can!
The Show Must Go On
Rosh Chodesh Av on Monday, Remember Menu Change! The "nine days" start tomorrow!
What Are You? A Soldier of the State or a Jew, a Soldier of Hashem?
Welcome Home to the New Olim
The Danger of Foreign Intervention
It’s not the journey, it’s the purpose
My Walk, and the Tragedy at the UN School
Crazy Two Weeks
Painfully Deja Vu, Terror Attack at the Bus Stop Memories of a terror survivor...
Toda Raba Dear Soldiers.........
Look Jon, Concrete Tunnels!
Child Abuse
Locked Out of Har HaBayit, The Temple Mount, Just Because I'm a Jew!

Dry Bones

Again, I'd like to remind you to read, comment and share the various posts I've included in this edition of Havel Havelim! May this be a truly wonderful week for all of us!


Tzivia in AliyahLand said...

Thanks for hosting. I will definitely share and also visit some of the links I might not have otherwise. As I said before, I think this should be a condition of entering, as it is for other communal web-based postings (blog hops and carnivals) that I participate in.

If WE are not visiting each other's blogs, why should others?

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks for hosting and for including my submissions.

Haveil Havalim Parsht Masa'ei 5774 Is Up

Rickismom said...

Thank you again for including my post. I reD most of the articles but only commented on a fw....

Batya said...

I thank you all. What a wonderful community.