Thursday, July 24, 2014

Anti-Jewish Security Policy in Jerusalem's Walled City

Here's part two, the second post about my attempt to ascend Har HaBabyit, the Temple Mount. Earlier I wrote about how a few women and I were surprised to discover that although the Temple Mount seemed quiet and peaceful, with Arabs wandering about freely, the gate, the only gate which is designated for Jewish entrance was found locked.

Rachel Sela who led on on this eventually unsuccessful attempt, also took us to a couple of other gates. Wherever we went we were greeted by police barriers.

We were told to stay away from them, as if we were lepers.

The worst part of this, considering all aspects, the personal, national, spiritual and security was the fact that the Arabs who wanted to enter did so without any security check or inspection.

As you can see here, the police were more concerned with their cell phones and private conversations.

The woman were dressed in long wide robes which could hide a thousand "sins" or worse.

None of this makes any sense to me.

The Israeli security forces, the Israeli Government is facilitating not only total sovereignty on the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest spot, but they are allowing a security breach that could easily rival the Gazan terrorist tunnels.

Remember that Jerusalem is Israel's capital.

We are not acting like sovereign rulers here. We are stabbing ourselves not only in the back but in the heart. This policy must change immediately!  The Waqf can no longer rule!!! We Jews, we Israelis demand Jewish Israeli rule in all of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount!!


SardiusStone said...

I love Israel and I am identified with you. I believe your holy prophets and their words. Their prophecies will stand because it is the Word of Hashem that came to them. The Word of Hashem has been, will be, and it is being, fulfilled to the letter. Shalom to all the Jews that are waiting, expecting, and desiring the Redemption of Israel. HELP IS ON THE WAY! Indeed SHALOM to you.

Anonymous said...

I visited the Temple Mount with a group of elderly folks from Teko'a. I couldn't have been more disconcerted, accompanied as we were by Arab guards watching our lips and measuring our attitudes while, when we entered, being checked for weapons by Israeli policemen. I felt shamed and humiliated not only for myself but for the whole Israeli nation yet our PM continues to allow this to occur. No pride, no respect, no inspiration!

Batya said...

a2, I don't know what's worse, experience what you did or being banned.
a1 thanks