Sunday, July 20, 2014

We Have a Real War to Win, G-d Willing

With all the money, the billions and billions of Euros and dollars that have been poured into Gaza over the years, the people should have the best hospitals, parks, schools, streets, playgrounds and country clubs for all of their citizens/residents. But we all know from the pictures and the fact that as much as they hate us, those Gazans would give almost anything to go to Israeli hospitals when sick or injured.

Nu, so what have they done with all that money?  Besides the cushy generous off-shore bank accounts their leaders have hidden for a "rainy-day" they have been developing a very efficient and sophisticated military infrastructure. The IDF was aware of tunnels used for smuggling arms and terrorists, but they didn't realize that the big deep digging was to build an underground military complex. Yes, that's what the Gazan Arab terrorists have been doing during the ceasefires along with improving their missile launching systems.

This film is of the IDF blowing up one of the terror tunnels from Gaza to Israel. Jerusalem Post

The worst news for Israel is that thirteen 13 IDF soldiers have been killed today, Baruch Day Ha'Emet.
Golani Brigade, armor and engineering corps forces were met with effective close range guerrilla actions in Shejaiya, Gaza. The dead are apparently all from the Golani Brigade. The Brigade's commander, Col. Rasan Alian, was also lightly injured.
According to Channel 2, there were several incidents that involved IDF deaths. In the most serious incident, an armored personnel carrier hit a large explosive charge and the forces that rushed to assist the soldiers who were hurt subsequently came under fire. In another incident, anti-tank missiles were fired at a structure soldiers had entered. Arutz 7
And refuah shleimah to the injured.

IDF soldiers head into battle, July 20, 2014.
Photo Credit: Edi Israel/Flash90 Jewish Press
There is one thing that Israeli must do to be truly victorious. We have to stop warning the Gazans, telling them where we're headed, where we plan on attacking. It endangers our soldiers. Israel must stop worrying about Gazan children and remember that our soldiers are our children and they are supposed to be more important to us than the enemies' children.

My neighbor Moshe Keinan has been campaigning on this theme ever since his son Avihu, HaYa"D, was killed in a badly planned army action. One of the most effective military strategies is surprise, and Israel has been working the opposite way. Our soldiers are being endangered because of this totally fokokt Leftist concept of "morality." There is nothing moral in endangering our own soldiers. That is immoral. So let them fight and win!


Anonymous said...

Kol hakavod Batya. If only we had true Jewish leaders. B"D a truly defeated enemy and no more Jewish deaths or injuries.

NormanF said...

Tohar Haneshek is one of the stupid doctrines only Jews could invent.

Basically, Jews must proffer the cheek at very turn to the enemy and allow him to live. As if that is moral.

Not even the Christian World practices it! With this Jewish neurosis, Jews die and don't be surprised if in the coming week, Israel agrees to yet another ceasefire.

If the IDF is going to be allowed to win, it will exceed my lack of expectations. So far I have not been disappointed.

Batya said...

a, G-d wiling
Norman, G-d willing He will take over like He did in 1967.