Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bibi's Government is an Embarrassment!

I came home late from work, and I just wanted to unwind so I could get some sleep. I turned on the computer and saw this:
IDF Launches Investigation After Four Children Die in AirstrikeIDF Spokesman, Brigadier General Moti Almoz addressed reports of four Palestinian Arab children being killed in an IAF airstrike on Wednesday, noting that the accidental deaths were the result of Hamas using civilians as human shields.
"Hamas is hiding among civilians targets," Almoz said, on Channel 2."Hamas continues to make cynical use of civilian casualties and we will continue to operate within a civilian environment."
The IDF is still conducting an internal investigation on the reports. (Arutz 7)
Israeli airstrike in Gaza

In a war, people die. All Israelis should know that by now. The rest of the world recognizes and accepts it except when the shooter or weapon launcher could be Israeli. When civilian Arabs get in the way of Israeli bullets, explosives etc it's called immoral, but no other country gets blamed or to be more exact, no other country cares when they kill civilians. Remember that about 2,000 Iraqis were killed to give Saddam Hussein a fair trial.

In Israel the television and radio are full of public service announcements instructing Israelis how to protect themselves from injury if there's an attack. For years the government has required homes to build "safe rooms." To get a building permit for any major renovation, you must plan a shelter along with any other addition or your plan won't be approved.

If the Gazans cared about civilians they'd be providing their population with shelter and instructing the population how to use them. But the truth is that they prefer using human shields, combining launching pads with kindergartens.

That's not Israel's problem and the State of Israel should ignore civilian enemy causalities. All our government should care about is Israelis. Bibi's tough words of yesterday have been proven just posturing, just empty words. It's a slap in the face of Israeli citizens who have made it clear that we want a victory and we want to destroy the terrorist infrastructure. Let them surrender!


Anonymous said...

Batya: The problem is they do not want a victory. Whatever orders they are given, that's what they do. That's the only conclusion one can come to. Truly an embarrassment.

NormanF said...

Netanyahu has already called a ceasefire for so called "humanitarian reasons."

He has made it crystal clear he values Arab lives over Jewish lives and he will never destroy Hamas because victory is a foreign word to him.

I absolutely despise him and the gang around him. At they're the rate they're going, no wonder Hamas is winning.

Sammy Finkelman said...

BM> Let them surrender

That's one of the problems. They wouldn't know what to do if Hamas offered to surrender.

in the vanguard said...

Anybody who tries to cozy up to a weasel, even after the weasel scorned you in public - is a loser. That's exactly the situation between Bibi and the O, after the O dissed him by abandoning him mid-meal at the White House. As they say in Israel, he's a "soap"!

Elsabe said...

I am also wondering what is going on in Bibi's cabinet. Someone is giving him orders and I will bet on it that it is Hussein Obama. But this worries me because Hussein is a direct decendant of satan himself and why then is Bibi listening to him?

Batya said...

I thank you all for the comments. You prove I'm not crazy.

Honestly I don't blame Obama. This sick ideology that makes is "immoral" to win a war is from the extreme Leftist Zionists who considered fighting Arabs immoral.

Anonymous said...

What about the bombing of Dresden, Serbia -- even Hiroshima?? Did they over-do it? was it proportionate? Weren't there massive civilian casualties? Did anyone hear any apologies? How did they justify it? It was okay then for Europe and America but not for the Jews? The hypocrisy is beyond reprehensible. No wonder they are circling the drain of civilization..

Keren said...

In any "normal" war, when the gaza people would have identified Israeli planes coming over, they would have operated sirens and people would have gone into shelters.

Obviously a war cannot be a normal thing, but generally a side to a conflict takes minimal precautions to protect their civilian population.

Rickismom said...

First let me make clear that I feel very strongly that
1) our lives come first.
2) the deaths of these children is Hamas's fault, for several different reasons
3) I also doubt that Bibi will follow through as needed

HOWEVER, I also feel that we must, as a nation that pursues G-dliness, we need to be sure that we do not lower ourselves to the level of animals... that we (WHILE NOT ENDANGERING OUR OWN SOLDIERS), try to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible. Just because they act worse than animals does not mean that we should allow ourselves to slip to that level.
And I am proud of the IDF that they really do try their best.