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Thursday, May 15, 2008

NY Post Floods Olmert's Party

The New York Post is proving itself the best source of information about the latest Olmert scandal.

Olmert isn't going to fall very quickly. It doesn't matter what headlines we see, what's revealed to the public and what the "in people" really know. He has been cementing his political climb with great care. Will he succeed to protect himself for decades like J. Edgar Hoover?

Yesterday, the Arab terrorists launched more deadly rockets at Israel, seriously injuring many Israelis in an Ashkelon Mall. All we hear from Olmert and his buddy Bush are vague threats and promises.

The image of all of the Israeli and Jewish "machers" wining and dining with those who want to endanger our existence by establishing an Arab terror state in our Heartland makes me think of how the Purim story is introduced in Megilat The Scroll of Esther. The classic children's story "The Emperor's New Clothes," is really a reworking of our history.

The children's story and the Purim story both have happy endings, and G-d willing ours will, too.

hat tip, ajg

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