Friday, May 9, 2008

We Have A Choice; We Have Hope--HATIKVAH!

I took the picture of that flag, but now as I see it on my computer screen, it looks unreal, like some painting. It was one of the flags flying at the Yom Ha'Atzma'ut Independence Day Reception of the Hatikvah Party.

Hatikvah, The Hope, named after Israel's National Anthem, is the political party forming around MK Dr. Arieh Eldad, MD. Dr. Eldad is strongly pro-Land of Israel. I trust him. In his pre-political life, he was a world-renown plastic surgeon specializing in skin transplants for burn victims. He was also head of the IDF (Israeli Army) Medical Corps. Now he's aiming to heal the Jewish Nation.
Today's crowd was an amazing cross-section of Israelis, young, old, religious, traditional, secular, immigrants, native-born, academic and blue color. We all have one thing in common. We love our Land and Country and want it to be strong and Jewish.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a wonderful article and it was great seeing you today.

If your readers are interested in hearing more about HATIKVA,



Batya said...

Thanks for inviting me.

Leora said...

it looks unreal, like some painting
And what's wrong with it looking like a painting? Kind of sometimes accuses a painting of looking like a photograph, so this is a good contrast! Gave me some ideas for what I would submit to Yid with Lid's blog carnival for the 60th anniversary if he had given 6 months to do it instead of 6 hours.

Interesting to hear about new political parties in Israel.

Batya said...

leora, m'dear, it's not that there's something wrong, it's just amazing. After living in Shiloh a few years and seeing the Valley of Shiloh late winter, early spring, I decided that the Impressionist painters were very realistic. I'm sure they were painting something like the valley here.

I'll keep you informed about the politics, b'ezrat hashem.