Thursday, May 29, 2008


Is Tsippi Livni really going to step into the role of Prime Minister, thereby preventing the calling for new--early elections?
Many of us consider her a prime example of Peter's Principle, but for others she has done so little that she seems effortlessly going up the totem pole. Sliding up, that's an amazing feat! Actually, I must admit that she isn't proof of Peter's Principle, since she has been promoted regardless of her lack of success.
I guess that besides people like me, who find her lack of ideals and patriotism repugnant and dangerous, many people like having someone who doesn't really stand for anything, other than herself.
Tsippi is typical of the Kadima Party, the party without ideals,
The "Imagine" Party--
"Imagine we can do whatever we want,
No court would dare oppose us."
I'll never forget how Tzachi Hanegbi described his Kadima Party as being like a supermarket:
"You can find someone of any ideology."
That means that its members believe in one thing, that's power. And now they're scheming to stay in office, even if their brilliant leader, Olmert, is turning into a serious liability.
It shouldn't surprise anyone. Remember that Olmert should never have had become Acting Prime Minister. The law states that an Acting Prime Minister is appointed when the elected one is temporarily "indisposed." Now, it was clear to everyone, that Ariel Sharon would never be able to resume the duties of office. He has been in a coma for almost two and a half years, and the only surprise is that he's still alive. There were supposed to have been new elections, but Olmert and the Sharon coalition were scared. They didn't want to go to the people so soon after Disengagement.
And now, the Olmert coalition doesn't want to risk the people's choice and hold elections any earlier than originally scheduled. Polls show that they are losing public support all the time. And that means that many of them won't be reelected.
Can Tsippi save the day? "Save?" For whom? I doubt if the State of Israel will benefit from a government led by Tsippi Livni.

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